According to the Law of Creation of Oneness, Your Past, Now and Future merge into ONENESS, deep within your Soul! Your Soul will feel and know the whole power of the Creation as ONE WHOLE! This gives you access to all Divine Light of the Creation, at once!

You become able to use your Spiritual Power to unlock your self-healing potential through your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators.

“I know all the happenings of eternity. My truth shall jubilate in eternal knowledge.”

Through the Law of Oneness, your Soul can achieve Eternal Knowledge!

Eternal Knowledge of what?

“Of the War of God, the Vengeance of God, the Trial of God, the Reward of God, the Power of God, the Retributions of God, the Might of God, the Extermination of God, the Salvation of God, the Victory of God, the Help of God, the Support of God, the Joy of God, the Thanksgivings of God, the Praise of God, the Peace of God, the Truth of God, the Justice of God, the Glory of God and the Judgement of God.

There is the eternal struggle between the Spirits of the Light and the Darkness and by being One with the Divine Light of Lord in all dimensions of the Creation, according to the Oneness Law of Creation, you are choosing the Light of God.

The phases of the battle, between the Spirits of Light and Darkness, are fixed in advance, its plan established, and its duration predetermined. The opposing forces are equally matched and only by the intervention of ‘ the mighty hand of God’ is the balance between them to be disturbed, when He deals an ‘everlasting blow’ to ‘Satan and all the host of his kingdom”- Dead Sea scrolls.

There shall be a time of salvation for the people of God, an age of dominion for all the members of His company, and of everlasting destruction for all the company of Satan.

The seasons of righteousness shall shine over all the ends of the Earth; they shall go on shining until all the seasons of darkness are consumed and, at the season appointed by God, His exalted greatness shall shine eternally to the peace, blessing, glory, joy, and long life of all the Sons of Light.

So be a Son of the Light!

Important: By breathing the Energy of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator into your Energy Field you manifest in the Quantum Field your desire to connect with the Supreme Consciousness of God.

Sit down and put your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator over your legs above your knees, then put your palms over it and say “Lord’s Prayer” or another prayer you know and feel close to your heart.

This is very important because, in this way, your Soul will start communicating with the Spiritual energy (Word of God) which is inside your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators!

The power of Praying to God coming from your heart means you are ready to open it and to receive the Lord as your Savior.

Now when you manifest your faith in God by praying to Him and while still keeping your palms over your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator take a deep breath, inhale the air coming as Divine Light from your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator through your nose and keep the inhaled air in your body for at least three to four seconds. Now exhale the air slowly, through your mouth towards your whole Bio Field and repeat the process of breathing for two to three minutes. Even more, if you want. It is always up to you. There is no strict timing. The more, the better.

Now read, once again, the Essenes of “The ONENESS” Law of Creation and think over it.

It is time for you to start understanding the deep meaning of “The ONENESS” Law of Creation within your mind and to feel it within your heart.

Now say: I will put “The ONENESS” Law of Creation into effect, by making a commitment to take the following steps:

1. Today I will not fear! I will not let my heart be afraid! God goes to fight for me, with me against my enemies that He may deliver me.

2. Today and every day, I serve my Lord and He enlightens me with everlasting light & pure joy. Peace and blessing shall be with the company of God. Righteousness shall rejoice on high, and all the children of His truth shall jubilate in eternal knowledge.

3. Today I will be strong in the ordeal of God! His mysteries shall uphold me until He moves His hand for His trials to come to an end.

Feel the ONENESS of the Divine Light of God entering your life right now, in this very special moment, by inhaling the air of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator and visualizing how the Divine Light of the Lord is entering your body through your navel and then fulfilling every Energy Center of yours while you still keep the inhaled air in your body for 3 seconds.

See and feel yourself flowing into every dimension of the Creation, merging with its core and becoming One with all Energy vortexes of the Creation. Lord is with you, He wants you to uplift, to feel His grace and the unconditional love He has for you. You deserve God’s love and He wants to forgive your sins, by unlocking your heart for His love. God wants you to stay in close relationship with him and to heal your Soul!

Then exhale the air from your mount visualizing it is going to and fulfilling your Heart & Crown Energy Centers!

Now pray for mercy and open your heart for God by saying this prayer:

“Lord Jesus I need you. Thank you for dying on the Cross for my sins! I open the door of my life and receive you as my saviour and Lord. Take control of my life. Make me the kind of a person you want me to be. Amen”

By doing this Spiritual Practice with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator, your Heart is in balance. Your Soul is uplifted as it is Oneness with Lord himself. You are feeling relaxed and you are ready to accept what happens in your life (no matter if it is good or bad). You are full of the Divine Light of Lord, of His Truth and His Wisdom, and you trust Him. With time you start realizing, by practising, that the Divine Light of God is helping you to overcome the negative thoughts that are coming as waves from the Open Space, sent to your heart by dark forces. Your heart stops feeling fear and you start dealing with others and with the demands of the world, easily. You also know when your needs are being compromised and you easily find a balance between the external and internal. You can deal with the ebbs and flows of emotional relationships, understand their cyclic nature, and accept the changes.

For the Lord is sweet and His will is good. He knows the things that are yours, so that you may rest yourself in them. For, by the fruits, one knows the things that are yours, that they are the children of the Father, and one knows His aroma, that you originate from the grace of His countenance. For this reason, the Father loves His aroma and it manifests itself in every place. When it is mixed with matter, He gives His aroma to the light and, into His rest, He causes it to ascend in every form and every sound. For it is not ears that smell the aroma, but it is the Spirit that possesses the sense of smell and draws it for itself to itself and sinks into the aroma of the Father. Thus the Spirit cares for it and takes it to the place from which it has come, the first aroma, which has grown cold. It is in a psychical form, resembling cold water that has sunk into the soil that is not hard, of which those who see it think, “It is earth.” Afterwards, it evaporates, as if a breath of wind draws it, and it becomes warm. The cold aromas, then, are from the division.

For this reason, faith came and destroyed division and brought the warm fullness of love, so that the cold may not return, but the unity of perfect thought may prevail.

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