The true nature of believers is we are children of God! We speak to God as our personal Father because we are His everlasting children. In the Gospel, Lord Jesus Christ is represented to us as the Word, as the Life and as the Light.
He is the Word because He is the communicator of God. He is the Life because He is the very eternal life itself who gives life to everything that lives and He is the Light because He is the one true Illuminator who illuminates all spiritual reality!


The Word of God brings the Divine Spiritual Energy of the Creation to your soul!

In the beginning, was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. All things came into being through Him and as a part of Him, nothing came into being. In Him was life and the life was the light of men.

I am not ashamed of the words of the Gospel. I never exalt intellectualism above the Gospel.

Wisdom is the principal thing. Wisdom is the light that you shine on the knowledge you have obtained. You can have a lot know of knowledge and not know how to use it, or what to do with it.

The Word of God is the most powerful Spiritual Energy for your Soul Salvation!

That is why I am not ashamed of the Gospel, nor of who I am in Christ. I truly believe in the Word of God! The source of the anointing is located in the Word of God. This Gospel is the power of God!
Power is the ability to get results. The Gospel is your ability to get results. The Word of God is your ability to get results.

The Spiritual Energy of the Creation produces preservation, soundness, healing, deliverance, safety, prosperity on to them that believes in the Word of God! If you don’t believe it you can’t receive it.

The Word of God has been given to us to show us how to think, how to confess, how to believe.
God hadn’t given us the spirit of fear but the power of love and a sound mind. A sound mind is thinking that lines up with the Word. When your thinking is right, your believing will be right. You are going to win. If your thinking, believing and confession are wrong, you will be defeated. Sickness will defeat you, lack will defeat you, and bondage will defeat you. Until you understand the vital necessity of the Word of God, you see it as necessary food for your Soul and you see it as a source of power that will produce salvation and healing, you won’t truly prosper spiritually.

This is a whole process. Most people are defeated because of what they fail to do on an everyday basis. When a battle or challenge comes their way, they don’t say ”I am going to fight through faith”. The defeat comes when you are not living, thinking, believing, confessing before anything even happens. Wrong thinking and wrong believing indeed are responsible for the challenges in front of you.

You can not live a Life of Faith without the Word of God.

I am what the Word of God says.

You are not working for victory but you are working from the position of victory! You are already victorious. You are not working for righteousness, you are working from the position where you are already righteous in the eyes of God. You are not working for healing but you are already healed. You have to believe that what you are going to receive has already been done!

Lord Jesus Christ is my healer, my victory, my everything. If God is with you, who can be against you?
He that spared us not only His own Son but delivered Him up for us all, why would He not also freely give us things we fight for and believe in?
God is always behind you, no matter what the Devil is going to throw your way. You have to choose, by your free will given to you by God, to be led by His Divine Light, not by the darkness of your passions.

You win the fights of life when you realize that Everything comes from God. You need God’s joy in your life.


Spiritual Energy can be apprehended, through Prayer. We see it in our lives by understanding ourselves as immortal ideas of God.
“As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so, God and man, Father and Son, are one in being.”

The scramble for material energy is based, in essence, on the limited concept of man as made of matter, as needing matter and yet fearing it.

By its definition, the matter is limited. As long as we keep thinking of matter as the source of energy, we will keep running out of it, whenever we shift from one source to another.

The Bible is a textbook on Energy – Spiritual Energy. It begins with God’s generation of Light. This illumination is the spontaneous effect of Divine Love in action and Truth manifested. The Bible then goes on to chronicle this energizing force in the lives of individuals and nations.

What a dynamo of Spiritual Energy was Moses! Listening to God and acting on His commands, he awoke his people from apathetic misery, confronted the Pharaoh with miracles, led a nation out of being enslaved, shepherded them through temptations, acquainted them with the Eternal Laws of God (the Ten Commandments), and brought them all the way to the borders of the Promised Land.

The Spiritual Energy of the Bible is directed toward uncovering man’s God-given identity as a child of Spirit, surrounded by and reflecting infinite resources. This identity is a fact now, which we are all free to claim and prove.

To become aware of this Infinite Source of Spiritual Energy, coming from the Word of God, we need to lead Spiritual Life.


Unlike death, which is immobile and stagnant, life is characterized by movement and struggle. The movement in the Spiritual Life must be directed forward and upward towards the attainment of God-like perfection. When one stops moving towards God, one begins to fall apart internally, which is a sign of spiritual death.

The struggle in the Spiritual Life is invisible, as it is the Spirit that leads it. It has to be not against other people with whom we often argue, but against the passions within us and against the demons around us.


The Church of Christ teaches firmly that there are demons. Like angels, demons are invisible and intelligent spiritual beings, who have deviated from good because of the abuse of their free will given to them by God, and thus set the beginning of evil in the world.
Everyone who believes in the Lord, whom they do not see, has to believe in the invisible world where there are both angels and demons because even invisible, they exist.

Faith, this wonderful divine instrument embedded in us, in a way that is not understood by us, detects them just as the radio detects elusive electromagnetic waves that were not perceived to exist before it was discovered. But here it is the proof that the invisible actually exists.
Just like with faith, it captures the waves of the things beyond our world and convinces us of the existence of angels and demons.
The main part of the Spiritual Life is fighting with yourself. Your own heart is an arena of combat. Your own Soul is a battlefield.

Where does your Spiritual Life begin?
It begins from the Faith in God, Who is the Spirit.


As Apostle Paul Said: “The Faith is the unveiling of the invisible”.
We have to exercise intelligent faith, a faith that is praying with understanding, a faith accompanied by actions, which are the beginning of our unity with God.
The actions of our faith are love, peace, long-suffering, mercy, humility, spiritual life and wearing of your cross. The True Faith can not exist without good actions.

This faith is a “transformer.” It transforms thinking. Holding to it and living by it, can bring a solution to energy needs by causing us to be more inventive, more aware of resources close at hand, more accurate and disciplined, more universal in our concerns, and thus more equitable.


Everyone, who has a firm hope in God, rises to him and is enlightened by the brilliance of eternal light. Hope is when a person takes no unnecessary care of himself and truly has a love for God and for virtuous deeds. That type of person knows that God will take care of him.
But if one entrusts all his hope to his deeds and turns to prayer only when unexpected misfortunes come upon him, then when he sees that he lacks the means to prevent them with his abilities, he will begin to hope for the help of God – that type of hope is small and pretentious.

True Hope seeks the Kingdom of Heaven, only, and is convinced that all that is necessary for this temporary life will be given. Our hearts can not be in peace until they don’t acquire this hope. This hope is giving us happiness.


He who has acquired a perfect love for God lives through this life as if he did not exist. For he considers himself a stranger to all things visible and expects with patience what is invisible.

The one who truly loves God considers himself a stranger on Earth because in him there is an aspiration for God with Soul and Mind, and thus contemplates him.


One must behave kindly with one’s neighbor and not show even the beginnings of grief. When we turn away from someone or we offend them, it feels as if a rock falls on our heart.
One must strive to cheer the Spirit of an embarrassed or humiliated person with the Spirit of Love. In our relations with our neighbors, we must be as pure to everyone in the world, as we are to our thoughts.


It is not right to judge anyone. Even if we witness someone sinning and breaking the commandments of God, as it is said in the Word of God: “Do not judge, to not be judged”.
We should not feel and keep anger or hatred within our hearts, for someone who is hostile to us.
Exactly the opposite. This is the only way we are getting closer to our Creator and healing our Souls.

Why do we judge others?
We do not try to get to know ourselves, on a deep level. If we were concentrated on knowing, understanding and improving ourselves we would not have the time to look the imperfections of others.
Judge yourself and you will stop judging others. The door of the repentance is always opened and we never know who will entry first – the one that judge or the one who is judged.


The body is the servant of the Soul and the Soul is its queen. That is why the body often happens to be exhausted by diseases, as a result of God’s Will. The passions become weak from the illness. Sometimes the illness itself is a result of our passions. We have to be patient and thankful even in the times of sufferings, as they are given to us only so that we can realize we are on the wrong path and that we have to change ourselves. That is the way to uplift on the divine path of God’s love, hope and light.

In the end, our Souls play a big role in our lives. It is your Soul that provides you with a kind of inner voice, a moral compass of compassion and direction that guides your life. It is your level of Soul sensitivity, or intuitive feeling, which reminds you that there are deeper things in life and more that we can see, experience and become. It is your Soul that suffers when you don’t nourish it with meaning, purpose or spiritual significance.

If there is a lack of faith, miracles more than likely do not occur because God does not want to violate our liberty of free will and thus impose Himself upon His creation, which does not want to accept Him in their personal life.

This is the reason, why our Resurrected Christ did not appear to everyone or to His enemies for that matter to prove His divinity but to Souls, who were receptive of His love and to those who believed unconditionally in Him, as the true Messiah.

Something, which is quite noticeable particularly in our times, is that God selects unexpected individuals, by His providence, as targets of His divine intervention, through miracles. This occurs in order to make such Souls as missionaries in various areas of society and to avoid the tendency to judge miracles as something “staged”, “biased” and/or “with hidden interests”.


Is there any place on the Planet where faith, hope, the power of being humble, self-condemnation, a determination not to repeat the sins, prayer, truth, the incessant memory of God, the deeds in the name of God are the most important principles?

The places under the sky that give us Life Energy, the Energy of Love and Connectivity with God?

Fortunately, there are such places and I am talking about the Monasteries, Temples and Churches all around the world, God’s home on Earth.

Spiritual Energy Centers on Earth are the places where we can learn and feel the art of living with God, to see Him through our heart, to learn to be truthful, to defeat our ego and to charge with the Divine Light of the power of Word of God. We can also accept the sacrament of the Holy Communion. This is the way to feel and to experience the Wisdom of Our Creator.

Monasteries are Centers for Spiritual Healing and Intercessory Prayer.

Monastics are an integral part of the Church and should not be seen as independent of the Church Universal. Although a primary role of monasticism is to be found in worship and contemplative prayer, monks also have a long history as missionaries.

Many of the great monasteries were found in remote places but became centers of pilgrimage, attracting countless people. Cities are often formed around monasteries, precisely because the monks had reached out with the Gospel and worked among the people. Where there was a need, monks responded with charity and evangelical witness.

In these difficult times, where people are suffering from economic hardship, loss of jobs and foreclosure on homes, monks can bring a different perspective that can give inspiration to those who’ve lost all hope. Monasteries become centers of spiritual healing and empowerment. People who’ve been struggling to find meaning in their lives can walk away with a new vision, gained through the interior work of the monks who’ve availed themselves as therapists for those who are hurting.

Monasticism is not something that is mastered through academic pursuits but is rather acquired over many years of struggle, through obedience, long nights of prayer, ascetical practice, and communal life. A monastic, who is true to his vocation, will often see himself as just a beginner, even though he’s been a monk for forty years, for he realized how far he is from the perfection that comes with total surrender to Christ.

Many would wish to see monasticism romantically, with monks quietly and silently living out hidden lives, yet some monks work with people as spiritual fathers, preachers, teachers, participating actively in service to the world. Each monk and each monastery is called apart for the service of God and His Church, as God wishes. Thus, it is dangerous ground when we judge a monastery or a monk from our fanciful image of what we think they should be like, for even on the Holy Mountain of Athos, there are many varieties of monastic expression, none being better than the other, and all based on the prompting of the Holy Spirit, as the monk attempts to live out the evangelical life of the Gospels.

Generally speaking, some monasteries may be more liturgically oriented, while others may be more ascetic, have a certain mystical tradition, or be more inclined to spiritual guidance and openness to the world for the purpose of care and counseling. These various styles of monasticism, which take both a personal as well as a corporate form, are not formally predetermined or officially legislated. They are the result of organic development under the living grace of God.

Yet all monastics share the common vows of poverty, chastity, stability, and obedience, ever following the words of Lord Jesus Christ which are the cornerstone for this life, “be as perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

Whether or not we are following the monastic way, may we be given the strength gradually to grow into an acceptance of the limitations of our lives, as well as the suffering and the cross we are asked to carry. With the Saints, may we come to embrace these eagerly and joyfully?

May we see that the evil, sin and suffering around us and in our own lives can be voluntarily taken on through love, and become the means of healing unto Eternal Life in God’s kingdom of Love.

I believe and feel that the ancient Monasteries and Temples are very powerful Spiritual Energy Centers on Earth.

Mount Athos or Agion Oros, as it is locally known, is the oldest surviving monastic community in the world. It dates back more than a thousand years, to Byzantine times.

Although it is forbidden for women to attend it, there is still an amazing option for us women to be close to the shores of the Holy Land of Holy Virgin Mary.

Every summer I travel on a boat around Athos Mount and the monks come and bring with them Holy Relics of Saints and Parts of Holy Cross, which gives the pilgrims the unique chance to kiss and bow in front of them.

You can learn more about my traveling experience there here.

The other very special place for my Soul is Karnak Temple at Luxor, as well Luxor Temple.

The Spiritual Energy Centers, on Earth, are powerful energy generators of Divine Light Energy that resonate with our Soul’s vibrations and that increases the frequencies of our Energy Systems.
All Monasteries and Temples are creating a powerful Spiritual Energy Grid on Earth.

Praying and Meditating on such strong energy vortexes with Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators increases, tremendously, all the benefits you can get from this unique tool.

Spiritual Energy Centers are giving us this very special and unique connection with God.

The Oneness with God is the Secret of Unlimited Energy. We do not consume this energy. We reflect it. It is never destructive since its Sorce is Love. And it is adaptable to every need of mankind.


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