To help you BUILD YOUR INNER SPIRITUAL HUMAN and recognize you have the ability to overcome every challenge in your life by learning to DEPEND ON GOD rather than other people with weaknesses.

To help you use YOUR FREE WILL  in a way that fulfills the  good plan and the purpose God has for you!




I am a passionate believer in the power of the Noosphere (Collective Human Consciousness) and how humans can fundamentally change the world by healing themselves, being driven by Consciousness of God, mind, thoughts and interpersonal relationships.

The term Noosphere derives from the Greek νοῦς – mind and σφαῖρα – sphere and is related to the terms geosphere – inanimate matter and biosphere –biological life.

God created such a poweful energy that led to increasing “complexification” to matter, to initial life forms, to Human Consciousness, to a Collective Human Consciousness (the Noosphere). The Noosphere emerges through and is constituted by the interaction of human minds. The Noosphere is growing towards even greater integration and unification, culminating in the Omega Point or the Cosmic Christ.

Although early Christians did not use the term Noosphere, nor were they aware of modern evolutionary science, they were certainly aware of the great interconnection of all humanity and the ultimate evolution towards Christ, or the Omega Point, which is centered on mutual love. Since its beginning, Christianity had a belief in the mystical bond that united all of humanity, both living and dead. Over the years, this bond has been referred to as the “Communion of Saints” or “the Body of Christ”.

As St. Paul said: For building up the body of Christ, until we all attain the unity of faith and knowledge of the Son of God, to mature to adulthood, to the extent of the full stature of Christ … Living the truth in love, we should grow in every way into Him who is the head, Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, with the proper functioning of each part, brings about the body’s growth and builds itself up in love”.


Consciousness, in general, is the possession of oneself in oneself, the immanence of all that a person is in all that he is, a perfect identity of being with himself, a manner of being whereby a person exists in himself and for himself so that not existing for oneself is the same as not existing at all.

In a word, it is a way of existing fully.

Consciousness is not brain activity, reason, knowledge or intellect. It is not depending on life! It is not subjective experience nor something we can own. Consciousness is not a thing.

It is pure existence itself without content. It is emptiness. But this emptiness exists. Because Consciousness does not need and have attributes. It is even free of time and space.

Consciousness controls everything and determine existence.

So who determines that I am alive? We look at each other and we see that we exist. But than who looks at us? There is infinite chain of people looking at each other until we finally hit the Cosmic Consciousness! Some Consciousness that is ethereal, that envelops the Universe, who looks at us and says: “aha you are alive” – God Himself!

Consciousness is inextricable part of reality! Nothing really happens in the Physical world unless a Conscious mind observes it.

Thus the notion of Consciousness is connected with the notion of being. A being is knowable and knowing in the measure that it is in the act. To be Conscious, then, is the same as to be. But it is such, by being so powerful, that in virtue of it a person is himself for himself and possesses his proper being in himself merely by being.

Non-conscious beings are unaware of themselves, and they forever remain strangers shut off from themselves.

This close connection with being shows how Consciousness can have the first place in knowledge.


As there is only One Being that exists fully, there is only one that is fully Conscious. Since He is Being without limit, He knows, simply by knowing Himself, all other beings in all their being. On this level Consciousness implies – but only on this highest level, by identity – the supremely objective and eminent knowledge of everything. Therefore identity of a being with Himself by no means prevents Him from expressing in Himself all the rest precisely as the rest.

The Supreme Consciousness of God is perfected harmony of energy flowing and creating by molding Energy Patterns with Thoughts. That creates the unconditional love and unbelievable kind character of God. 

The Supreme Consciousness of God can be understood only if you are enlightened, if you have very deep awakening experience lead by God. It is infinite and with no boundaries.

Man does not exist fully either on the plain of the act of existence or on that of form. The individual has existence only by receiving it from God. Moreover, the human individual is not humanity. Or rather, to express the whole tenor of the paradox in a word, the human individual is not the human universe. He is part of a whole that has given him a place in the world and supplies him with his energies, his matter, his experiences, his very life. Without all this he would be nothing; and yet he is not it. The universe is outside of him, the infinite Being is immeasurably above him; nevertheless man, in himself, is what he is only in unceasing dependence on these two that are not he. Cut off from them, he would no longer be himself, he would no longer be anything at all, and he is in himself only by being with them and in virtue of them.

The same paradox recurs in man’s Consciousness. To be aware of himself, he must at the same time be aware of God without whom he would not be himself. In its very immanence and inwardness, his consciousness is the product of the Supreme Consciousness of God  from whom it comes, and of the external universe whereby it lives.

Man is too poor to suffice completely for himself. At every moment, his being is composed of forces and elements derived from the universe, and at every moment his existence is absolutely and totally dependent on the pure Act. Hence his being is in God’s possession before becoming his. The same is true of his consciousness: to be his consciousness and to express him, it must at every moment express God’s light through whom he is what he is. In fact, since he exists through God, his consciousness must express God before it expresses him, either. The empirical light of the act focuses on God before focusing on him, as is the case with his knowledge of the universe, or the absolute value of the affirmation, which directly envisages the Almighty God falling back on him, as is the case with his knowledge of God.

Therefore to believe with faith that is thought and adherence, with the full consent of the heart, joined to the clear thinking of the mind, is the primary condition for reduction to Christ. Such is the faith by which we forget ourselves and consecrate ourselves to God and our fellow men in charity. It is a faith animated by a considerate love, in union with the Lord, a faith that rejoices to think in the Lord. When we have that faith, we judge as He would have judged, we evaluate as He would have evaluated, we say what He would have said. Above all, we re-say what He said, and what He says still in Scripture and the Church, like Virgin Mary, who “kept all these words, pondering them in her heart” (Luke 2:19).

Thus we reduce ourselves and our thoughts to the thoughts and Consciousness of Lord Jesus Christ. Or rather, it is He who draws us to Himself. He is the one who makes us one. He is the life that upholds those who live by that life: “The peace of God, which surpasseth all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus”.


Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators are a unique technology that generates and unite the Divine Light Power of Cosmic and Spiritual Energies. It allows them to flow in the subtle channels of the Cosmos and Human Energy Structures in order to make them feel alive by raising their Energy Level.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators connect Human Souls to God’s Divine Light for unlocking their super-powerful ability for self-healing. This happens through them creating a deep connection with The Spirit of God perfectly represented by a combination of Geometrical Models and the Word of God. This mixture is made of love, light, truth and the faith of every dimension of the Creation of God.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators balance the energy flows inside the Energy Structure of the human beings by cleaning, purifying and opening the main Energy Centers for receiving and increasing the Divine Light of God. This process happens deep within humans through Cosmic and Spiritual Energy (Cosmic Geometry and Word of God). They are combined in special relations and proportions.

They influence the Energy Centers of the human body and both Human and Cosmic Energy Fields in a way that creates a powerful inner desire for change. This change results in a human’s life getting better, as they are not led by fear in daily life choices and they start following their intuition, uplifting spiritually.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators bring waves of Divine Light at a certain frequency called thoughts to your personality! Their Positive Programs, consisting of Geometrical Models and Word of God, merge with your Consciousness and bring your mind Divine Light Energy, which raises the vibrations of your positive thoughts. In this way, your brain influences your body and whole Energy Structure positively by activating the Right Parts of your Torsion (Spinning) Energy Field.

For God is all Mind. And He is Thought and considering and reflecting and rationality and power. They all are equal powers. They are the sources of the totalities. And their whole race from first to last was in His foreknowledge, (that of) the infinite, unbegotten Father.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators contribute to the accumulation of Cosmic and Spiritual Energy, which influence the field of the Soul. They increase the power of every Soul and lead it up on its path of Salvation.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators provide a cosmic dimension to the issues of everyday life. Illness is a reflection of the lovesickness of the divine presence for the Infinite Light.
The challenges in life are the sparks lost in the primal act of creation, coming to you to be repaired and elevated. Your life is a mission, in which you are directed to the divine sparks that belong uniquely to your soul, for which your soul fights they all to be gathered in Perfect Oneness.
Understanding the cosmic dimension means that nothing in life is trivial. Everything has meaning. Everything moves toward a single purpose, with a single goal. Understanding allows you to take on those challenges and to complete the journey of your Soul, by uplifting it for Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven.


Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators consist of Cosmic Energy represented by Geometrical models and Spiritual Energy represented by Word of God.

The meditative Geometry is the language, through which we translate the waves of Divine Light in the Entire Open Space!

The language of the Creation is numerical. It’s Geometric. Within a frequency, we can see the Geometric Patterns. If we learn to see more and more of these patterns, just by using them or breathing through them or looking through them, that will expand our Consciousness to experience higher dimensional thoughts.

By using Cosmic Geometrical Patterns, we are speaking with our Subconscious and learning to communicate with our Higher Self. The higher self speaks through synchronicity.

The true purpose of Geometry is exactly for You to learn to communicate with your Higher Self and to know your thoughts.

My very own Geometrical Models revealed to me during Praying and Meditation time can produce the very special frequencies that protect and uplift every Soul that has Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators and wants to work with them, by their own desire.

My Geometrical Models represent a pictorial system of consciousness that vibrates in resonance with different energetic systems. Our senses see it as a drawing, diagram or design, but they represent living vibrations of matter that extend far beyond us and into our universe, which is the whole Creation of Lord. They represent the micro level, like one cell which extends and connects to a vast body of Consciousness beyond time and space.

LEARN MORE >> Cosmic Geometry



The Word of God brings the Divine Spiritual Energy of the Creation to our Souls!

The Word of God is the most powerful spiritual energy for our Soul’s Salvation! That is why I am not ashamed of the Gospel nor of who I am in Christ. I truly believe in the Word of God! The source of the anointing is located in the Word of God. The Gospel is the power of God!
Power is the ability to get results. The Gospel is your ability to get results. The Word of God is your ability to get results.
The Spiritual Energy of the Creation produces preservation, soundness, healing, deliverance, safety, prosperity on to them that believes in the Word of God!

Inside the Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators, there are different parts of the Bible combined in a special way, according to the purpose of each type of Noosphere Regulator.

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The Cosmic (Geometrical models) and Spiritual (Word of God) Energies can change the atmosphere and increase the frequencies of the Divine Light of our Creator wherever they are. They affect our Energy Systems by the laws of their vibrational nature.

The Cosmic Geometry and the Word of God influence and change thinking and believing of a human, in line with the whole power of God. The power of God, Himself, is within you and through it, your Energy Structure obtains peace, salvation, prosperity, victory over all human passions.

The Cosmos is made by atoms and small particles. The Human Body is made up of cells, that are made up of  proteins, that are made up of molecules and they are made up of atoms and small particles as well as the Cosmos. 

There is Cosmic Geometry, the one I am drawing, revealed to me as a result of my praying and meditation time with Lord Jesus Christ and Molecular Geometry which defines the arrangement of the structure of the atom. 

So my Cosmic Geometry Models influence directly the Molecular Geometry of our Human Bodies and fulfill them with the Divine Light of our Almighty God!

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators connect the Energy Structure of every human to the Energy Vortexes of Divine Light on Earth and in the Open Space. In this way, no matter of the darkness within you and around you, they are attracting and increasing the Divine Light of our Almighty God. With time, they give you new increased Energy Levels and with this powerful Energy of Lord deep within you, you can fight every fear and every passion led by a deep faith that the Cosmic and Spiritual power of your Creator is always with you, within you and around you.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators are a sacred gift from My Soul to be shared with those, who are drawn by these Energetic Systems full of Divine Light & Love.

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