At the beginning of all, there was only the Divine Light of God. When God created Adam and Eve, they were clothed in the Divine Light of God, Himself. Sadly, when they sinned, they lost the glory of God, and that’s when they realized they were naked. This is our past, which we lost because of sin.

Through the life-giving work of our Lord Jesus Christ, however, this is also our future. In Matthew 13:43, we hear from the Mouth of our Savior that, in the Kingdom of Heaven, “the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.”

According to the LAW of The Creation of The Invisible Divine Light when you ignore what happens outside of you and when you rely on the Spiritual Divine Light, which is coming to you through the Word of God and the Wisdom of God, you will surrender to the pure love and faith within your heart!

Light is a wave, moving at 186,000 miles per second. This wave can hit the retina of the eye, and when it does that, it makes things visible. It illuminates things. All colours depend on light. Where there is light, we see. Where there is no light, we do not see. It is high-speed Energy that hits the eye and makes things visible.

When you think about light in that way, you are seeing it or viewing it in, as directly applicable to the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Divine Power in the Spiritual Realm, making things visible.

When the Light, the Spiritual Light of Christ, hits the living Soul, which would be equal to the open and functioning eye, everything is illuminated in the Spiritual Realm.

The Light, according to Prophet John the Baptist, is none other than the life, that Eternal Life who is the Lord Jesus Christ, who is The Word that comes from God. He is the Word because, through Him, God speaks. He is the Life because, through Him, God gives life. He is the Light because, through, Him everything in the Spiritual Realm is illuminated. Apart from Him, there is no Word from God. Apart from Him, there is no life. And apart from Him, there is no true understanding – all is darkness.

This is your lesson for the day!

You need to learn how to stay within the Lord Jesus Christ, despite the outer physical reality! To learn to not feel fear and to rely on the flame of the Word of God! Only in this way, you will be able to discover the Deep Spiritual Wave Power (the Invisible Spiritual Divine Light) and when you have it consciously, within your heart and Soul, your frequencies will rise higher and with time will stay only in the highest state of mind, heart and Soul!

How you can achieve this?

Through prayer, meditation, charging of your Energy Structures with the Divine Cosmic and Spiritual Energy of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators.


• By living according to God’s commandments
• By trying to overcome the passions within you
• By realizing there are dark powers and an invisible world
• By opening your heart for Lord’s Divine Light
• By acting as if led by a good heart and not by intensions of acquiring power and control over anybody, including you
• You have to surrender to your faith in Holy Trinity

If you put your trust truly in Lord Jesus Christ by the positive power of this Law of Creation you will attract only love as you will be lead by love in your daily life.

Your Human Soul can start understanding and obeying the Divine Light of God’s Pure and Unconditional Love by thinking over the essence of the Invisible Divine Light Law of Creation during the Praying and Meditation time with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators.

Important: By breathing the Energy of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator into your Energy Field you manifest in the Quantum Field your desire to connect with the Supreme Consciousness of God.

Sit down and put your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator over your legs above your knees, then put your palms over it and say “Lord’s Prayer” or another prayer you know and feel close to your heart.

This is very important because, in this way, your Soul will start communicating with the Spiritual Energy (Word of God) which is inside your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators!

The power of Praying to God coming from your heart means you are ready to open it and to receive the Lord as your Savior.

Now when you manifest your faith in God by praying to Him and while still keeping your palms over your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator take a deep breath, inhale the air coming as Divine Light from your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator through your nose and keep the inhaled air in your body for at least three to four seconds. Now exhale the air slowly, through your mouth towards your whole Bio Field and repeat the process of breathing for two to three minutes. Even more, if you want. It is always up to you. There is no strict timing. The more, the better.

Now read, once again, the Essenes of The Invisible Power of the Spiritual Divine Light Law of Creation and think over it.

It is time for you to start understanding the deep meaning of “The Invisible Power of the Spiritual Divine Light” Law of Creation within your mind and to feel it within your heart.

Now say: I will put The Invisible Power of the Spiritual Divine Light Law of Creation into effect by making a commitment to take the following steps:

1. From this moment I feel and believe that God is Pure Light. I have a portion of that pure light in my Soul. I know that when Adam was created, God asked all of his angels to put a little angel spark in his human body. But he didn’t come alive. Next, God decided to put a portion of himself in the vessel. Then Adam woke up. God’s glory radiated from his eyes, which made the angels fear him. My eyes are the mirror of my soul, and they will be full of the divine light of God.

2. From today My Salvation is to imitate Lord Jesus Christ and to share in His divine light for all eternity. It is to become like Him and to shine brighter than the sun in Him forever.

3. Right now, I am unharmed and spotless, healthy and whole, preserved in soul, body and spirit, fulfilled with the fruits of righteousness and fruitfulness. I am full of the Invisible power of the Divine Light of God!

Feel the Divine Light of God entering your life right now, in this very special moment by inhaling the air of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator and visualizing how the Divine Light of Lord is entering your body through your navel and then fulfilling every Energy Center of yours while you still keep the inhaled air in your body for 3 seconds.

See and feel The Divine Light of Lord within your heart! Lord is with you, He wants you to uplift, to feel His grace, His unconditional love He has for you. You deserve God’s love and He wants to forgive your sins by unlocking your heart for His love. God wants you to stay in close relationship with him and to heal your Soul!

Then exhale the air from your mount visualizing it is going to and fulfilling your Heart Energy Center!

Now pray for mercy and open your heart for God by saying this prayer:

“Lord Jesus I need you. Thank you for dying on the Cross for my sins! I open the door of my life and receive you as my saviour and Lord. Take control of my life. Make me the kind of a person you want me to be. Amen”

By doing this practice, with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator, your Heart is in balance. You are feeling relaxed, you are ready to accept what happens in your life (no matter if it is good or bad). Because you are full of the Divine Light of Lord and you trust Him and you start realizing with time by practising that the Divine Light of God is helping you to overcome the negative thoughts that are coming as waves from the Open Space send to your heart by the dark forces. Your heart stops feeling fears with time and you start interacting easily with others and with the demands of the world. You also know when your needs are being compromised and you easily find a balance between external and internal needs. You can deal with the ebbs and flows of emotional relationships, understand their cyclic nature, and accept the changes.

When the Heart Energy Center is in balance, you can understand your own needs and emotions clearly. You are able to sustain balanced relationships as a result: healthy, happy, and mutually nurturing.

The Children of Light desire to live as Light. Therefore, they do not merely avoid the thinking and the deeds of darkness out of fear of divine chastening alone, but they genuinely desire to do what is right to please the One who delivered them from darkness to light. There are negative motivations for avoiding sin, but the motivation, of which Paul speaks here, is a positive one.

The Children of Darkness have pleasure as their goal, too, but they live in order to please themselves, not to please God.

While it is true that living as lights is for our own best interest, this should be a secondary motive, not a primary one. We should seek to please God and others before seeking to please ourselves (see Romans 15:1).

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