Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators

Life is a journey and the most important success factor on this journey is Wisdom. Over time, people realize the significance of wisdom and its value surpassing gems and pearls. Like King Solomon, the wise said: “For wisdom is better than rubies, and all the things one may desire cannot be compared with her.”

The Holy Bible praised the wise man in Proverbs: “Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding.”

Wisdom is the cooperation of the mind with God’s Grace! This invaluable virtue is deep, immeasurable, priceless, and rare.

All virtues are beneficial, required by all those who seek God and wish to get closer to Him, yet the most important of these virtues is “discretion”, through which one examines one’s behavior, words and deeds, understanding everything, and discerning between good and evil.

The Source of Wisdom is God the Omniscient. The Holy Bible states: “With Him are wisdom and strength, He has counsel and understanding”. For only God shows man the secrets of Wisdom.

Praying and Meditation with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators increase the Divine Light of God within your heart, His Grace is upon you, your Soul Energy Level increase on a daily basis and you can connect with your Inner Wisdom in your physical reality. The power that created you has put everything here for you but it is up to you to deserve and to accept that what you concentrate on can be achieved.

This Spiritual Practice leads you to make the right decisions & attracts new people around you, who are wise and can uplift your Soul too.
If you want to be wise, you have to walk with the wise and learn from the wise. You can’t learn from the foolish and be wise. Those who walk with fools (as Scripture calls them) will suffer harm and will only endure trouble.

To grow in wisdom, you must analyze yourself and be certain that you hate evil. Be sure that you are working at getting rid of the pride, vanity and arrogance in yourself. Realize that the tongue has a natural tendency to be filthy, and strive to not follow those who have a dirty mouth.

Many of your friends make the wrong choices and do the wrong things. There are times when you are tempted to do something incorrectly, to follow the “way of the evil man.” Yet, you will be delivered if wisdom abounds in you. How will this happen? Because you have the fear of God to love His Law and to not go the wrong way. You will be delivered from the temptations and struggles that you face.

Important: By breathing the Energy of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators into your Energy Field you manifest in the Quantum Field your desire to connect with the Supreme Consciousness of God.

Sit down and put your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator over your legs above your knees, then put your palms over it and say the following Prayer:

“My Lord and my God of wisdom and mercy, I ask for your knowledge and guidance. Please grant me the wisdom I need to see your divine plan in all that I do. May I sift through each gem I read to discover more of your divine treasure and kingdom. I ask for wisdom, not for fame and fortune, but to seek faith and love. Guide my path as I strive to find your truths in this world. May I drink of your word and be an example of your love to others. May your wisdom, faith and hope brighten all of the hearts I encounter in this life. Amen.”

Praying to God is very important because in this way your Soul will start communicating with the Spiritual Energy (Word of God) which is inside your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator! The power of Praying to God, coming from your heart, means you are ready to open it and to receive the Lord as your Savior.

Now when you manifest your faith in God by praying to Him and while still keeping your palms over your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator take a deep breath, inhale the air coming as Divine Light from your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator through your nose and keep the inhaled air in your body for at least three to four seconds. Now exhale the air slowly through your mouth towards your whole Bio field and repeat the process of breathing for two to three minutes. Even more, if you want. It is always up to you. There is no strict timing.

You are relaxed and ready to allowing your mind to start listening to your heart.

Now close your eyes while your hands are still over your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator. Imagine that you are uplifting to the amazing Qumran Caves in Israel where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in a series of eleven caves near Qumran and the Dead Sea beginning around 1947. Over 800 separate texts of several divergent types are now recognized among this find. The scrolls date from the “intertestamental period” – a period ranging from about 250 BCE to 100 CE, the epoch after the textual formation of the “Old Testament” but still before the formation of Christianity and rabbinical Judaism.

You are here in Qumran Caves as you have to feel your own need to connect with your Inner Wisdom by opening your heart wide for the True Wisdom of God.
As Lord Jesus Christ is the UTMOST SWEETNESS. His Wisdom contemplates the word, His teaching expresses it, His knowledge has revealed it, His honor is a crown upon it, His joy agrees with it, His Glory has exalted it,

His image has revealed it, His rest has received it, His love has embodied it, His trust has embraced it.

Now imagine yourself purifying with Holy Water inside a special bath pool in Qumran before you enter the very special Cave 4 where most important scrolls were found.

You are already purified and sitting inside the Cave 4 where ancient Hebrew scrolls were stored.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were the library of an Essene community that once occupied the ruins at Khirbet Qumran. The ruins contained a large room that would have been a scriptorium (a term previously used to describe rooms in medieval monasteries); remnants of long tables were found that could have served for copying lengthy scrolls, and three ink wells were found.

You are there sitting and feeling the wisdom within these scrolls. Now see and feel God’s Greatest and Eternal Love around you as well as this amazing True Wisdom Light sent to you by Lord Jesus Christ.

See and feel how Lord surrounds you while you are inside this unique ancient library and how the Divine Light of God from above you is merging with the Cosmic and Spiritual Energy within your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator and through it with your whole Aura.

Inhale this powerful True Wisdom Rays of Divine Light coming out of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator and feel how they are entering your Crown Energy Center. Keep the inhaled air in your body for 3 seconds. Now see and feel how these Bright Rays of Divine Light start moving from your Crown Energy Center down through your Third Eye Energy Center and exhale the air into it.
Repeat the same but this time inhale the air from the Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator and feel how the True Wisdom Divine Light Rays are entering your Third Eye Energy Center. Keep the inhaled air in your body for 3 seconds. Now see and feel how these Bright Rays of Divine Light start moving from your Third Eye Energy Center down to your Heart Energy Center and exhale the air into it.

Repeat the same but by charging your Solar Plexus with Bright Rays of Divine Light.

While purifying your Energy Centers and the whole Energy Structure by charging with the True Wisdom of God in Qumran Cave library feel how charging yourself with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator gives you this special connection between your Consciousness and the Supreme Consciousness of God. Feel that it also shows you the way how to use wisdom for the glory of God and the good of others. The very nature of wisdom instructs your heart to use your insights, your discernment, your discretion, your vision to fulfill God’s will and to demonstrate how to love your neighbor. Wisdom is a bountiful blessing that is available to all. You have only to go to the Lord and ask for this wisdom now.

Ask the Lord to give you the Fruit of true knowledge, understanding and wisdom! Ask the Lord to enlighten you and to give you a new path in your life, the path of true wisdom He taught.

As you continually lay hold of and retain wisdom, you will continue to grow in happiness.
There are many benefits of wisdom. Many seek materialistic riches and honor, yet you have the key to true and lasting honor and wealth—wisdom! You will live a long, honorable and happy life as you strive to grow in wisdom.

One of the greatest keys in developing yourself is to grow in wisdom. While most of your friends focus on other ancillary things such as knowledge or riches, you now have the root that produces those qualities and many more.
Each day, determine to grow in wisdom. You will not become wise overnight. Rather, this is something that you will be able to increase for the rest of your life. Take the principles you have learned and apply them in your life. Be sure to study all those who have walked before us—their experiences are recorded for our learning.

While those around you focus on knowledge, most do not understand that there is something that is far more important  – the Blessing of God’s True Wisdom upon You.

The more time you spend in the presence of God by using your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators, the more recognizable the voice of His Spirit will be to you. Then it’s up to you to obey because when the Spirit speaks, He’s not giving you suggestions, He’s giving you commands. But since you’ve already humbled and submitted yourself by this point, you’re ready to obey.

With time and regular practicing, you will become a calmer, more focused individual that is more than capable of dealing with the twists and turns that are a basic part of life. You will also focus your attention much more clearly and you will understand things better.

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