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Inner Stability

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Inner Stability Noosphere Regulator creates a place, deep within your heart, where God lives among you, where the Kingdom of God can be realized, where there is a respite from the cold and darkness, which has entered your heart, and a beacon that shows you the way back to the love and light of God.

This type of Soul Energy Nosphere Regulators help you to conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. To stand firm in one Spirit, to overcome difficulties in your daily life without them shaking your faith in God. The Divine Light within the Energy Structure of the Inner Stability Noosphere Regulator increases the Divine Light of your Consciousness and encourages you to stand firm, which means to persist or preserve your faith and in that way, to transform yourself by renewing your mind.

By using the Inner Stability Noosphere Regulator in your daily life you are growing with the knowledge of God. It is at the point when you are not growing that you are vulnerable. It is when you are not in the Word of God. But with this type of Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator your energy increases on levels that allow your Consciousness to get uplifted and you to develop Harmony within.

Exactly this Harmony will prevent the Devil from bringing division into the house of God, so that it will not fall. Your Body is a Temple of God. In fact, division gives to the Devil an open door to attack and speed up the destruction process.

By developing Inner Stability you will not sin in your anger, you will not let the sun go down, while you are still angry and will not give the Devil a foothold. Unresolved conflicts give the enemy a foothold, an area for him to continue his attack.

Inner Stability Noosphere Regulator increases your patience, your love for others and decreases your selfishness. Only in this way you can achieve harmony and unity within yourself, which will change the way you react to the inner and outer conflicts in your life.

It maintains our Joy in the Lord. Rejoice in the Lord, as only in this way you can have inner stability.

Inner stability means you to take your emotions as an act of your will and to have control over them.
To not base your joy on the circumstances. If life is good, you are joyful, but when life is bad, you lose your joy. Instead of being a believer that stands firm, you are up and down with every event in life. If you are going to stand firm, you must develop a joy that is constant, regardless of trial or persecution, as well as being gentle in your life.


Inner Stability Noosphere Regulator is a great conductor and amplifier of energy that promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. It encourages security and self-confidence and stops the burning desires for unneeded things. It increases the feeling of support and encouragement, elevating thoughts and promoting optimism. The Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator also creates a circular flow of energy, which is stimulating for your mind and attitude.

Inner Stability Noosphere Regulator assists those juggling commitments or multiple jobs. It helps writers express ideas in marketable form, and helps young children learn to walk and not fall as they get older.

As a professional support, Inner Stability Noosphere Regulator stabilizes the imagination and inspiration of artists, provides personal security for police, telephone workers, cooks, chefs and bakers, and protection from falling objects for builders and construction workers. It provides physical strength and endurance for dancers, dentists, and environmentalists, and emotional endurance for educators and recreational workers.

It is useful as a protection when traveling, and is especially effective against traffic accidents.

It brings abundance and fullness to all areas of life, from business to agricultural endeavors.

Inner Stability Noosphere Regulator gives you the inner power to interact with your human organic system, making you strong and victorious.


Inner Stability Noosphere Regulator improves your concentration, perception, and analytical abilities.

Placed on the abdomen, it stimulates the digestive system and relieves gastritis. It is beneficial for the eyes and hollow organs such as the stomach, uterus, intestines, etc. It is also extremely helpful to the heart and blood vessels. Wearing it in the middle of the chest strengthens the cardiac muscles and heals emotional disharmony, which prevents acceptance of love.

It is useful in treating neuralgia and conditions of the nervous system, and stimulating veins and capillaries in the circulatory system. When placed on your forehead the regulator is generally effective in curing fever or headache.

It is exceptional for directly attacking physical disorders that stem from emotional or mental suffering.


Inner Stability Noosphere Regulator encourages your sense of reality and pragmatic thinking. It soothes you when you desire peace and harmony, and also stimulates your action and important decision making.

It is beneficial in self-analysis and uncovering hidden circumstances that might interfere with well-being. It promotes self-acceptance and confidence, encouraging you to speak your own truth. This type of  Soul Energy Nooshrere Regulator helps overcome negativity and bitterness of your heart, by healing anger, fostering love, and lending the courage to start over. It is useful for any kind of trauma.


Inner Stability Noosphere Regulator especially stabilizes your Aura, eliminating and transforming your negative energies. Its cleansing effect is powerful at all levels.

The divine light Geometrical Models and Word of God within this type of Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator open and clear your Throat Energy Center.

The Throat Energy Center is the voice of the body, a pressure valve that allows the energy from the other energy centers to be expressed. If it is blocked or out of balance, it can affect the health of the other Energy Centers. In balance, it allows for the expression of what you think and what you feel. You can communicate your ideas, beliefs, and emotions. You can bring your personal truth out into the world. You have an easy flow of energy within the body and spirit. The energy that springs upward from the lower energy centers can continue its path enabling free expression and natural release.

It can also be used for the Third Eye Energy Center, with the function of soothing your overactive mind and making your thoughts still and calm. The Third Eye or Brow Energy Center is the center of perception and command. It directs your sight and everyday awareness of the world. Your consciousness is located here.

The Noosphere Regulator can also balance your Root and Heart Energy Centers. It resolves your blockages and re-balances your Heart Energy Center, helping you understand your own needs and emotions clearly. You can deal with the ebbs and flows of your emotional relationships, understand their cyclic nature, and accept the changes.


Inner Stability Noosphere Regulator raises your awareness and links you into the collective consciousness of the oneness of life. It encourages quiet contemplation of your life experiences that lead to spiritual growth and inner stability. It also encourages the acceptance of your origin and the connection to the natural states of the Creation. It increases your connection with the Earth, helps you heal and stimulate a peacefulness within the structure of the inner environment.

Its grounding energy assists in willpower, establishing higher intuition, and aids in safety and trust issues. It is protective against fears of the darker side of life, and attempts at mind control, particularly through emotional pressures and misuse of sexual power.

The Inner Stability Noosphere Regulator is a powerful energy purifier, cleansing any environment that needs constant infusions of Light. It is great for children’s rooms to prevent the occurrence of nightmares, or any instance where unpleasant thoughts causing depression, disturbance or upset persist. It is an excellent ally in the sick room or hospital to prevent negative vibrations or entities from attaching to already weakened energy systems.


Necklace Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators are made especially for you to wear them as a Necklace over your Physical Body in order to influence your Energy Centers in a positive way.

You have the option to wear your Necklace Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator, physically over your Sacral, Solar, and Heart Energy Centers. But no matter where exactly it is over your front part of your body All Benefits

of using it become reality. As all Energy Centers work connected to each other and good positive changes within one of them leads to the same in the others as well as the opposite.

I strongly recommend that for better results and constant cleansing and balancing of your Energy Centers, charging with Cosmic and Spiritual Energy of your Human Energy Structure, and constant connection with the Divine Light of God, you to wear your Necklace Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator at all times during your day and night.


Lord Jesus Christ’s Grave 
Jerusalem, Israel


The most important thing for you is to be with your Necklace Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator wearing it or holding it during your Praying and Meditation Time, no matter if it is day or night or both.

You can consciously put your attention and concentration into using your Necklace Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator with all Praying and Meditation Spiritual Practices, created by me, Stella Kamenova especially for working with every type of Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator.


During the day you can wear your Necklace Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator both below your blouse, shirt, t-shirt or above it as jewelry, which looks very beautiful and attracts good vibrations. In all your activities (walking, working, resting, exercising, yoga, cycling) except those including making them wet directly, like swimming or bathing, you can stay with your Necklace Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator as long as you feel comfortable.

During the day, if you feel more comfortable depending on your activities, you can also wear your Necklace Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator inside your wallet, purse or handbag.

Boarding a plane

When you board a plane, bring your Necklace Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator on you or inside your hand Baggage, as you need it as Protection.

Before you go under the scanning detectors, take it off of your neck and put it inside your hand luggage. You will avoid questions about the size and material of your big jewelry as it will start making noise, due to the Anodized Aluminum structure. Once you go out of the scanning machine, you can put your Necklace Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator on you, again.
My traveling experience has shown this to be the best option.


During the night, you can sleep with your Necklace Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator on you. This is what I am practicing.

In case you prefer to not wearing your Necklace Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator, while you sleep, you can put it next to you or below your pillow.

For reasons why you have to wear your Necklace Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator, during the night sleep read here.


In order to avoid damaging your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators you should not:

Wet the physical structure of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators in any way - no pouring of liquids over it, no bathing with it, no swimming with it.

• Drop it on the ground or throw it hard over surfaces, as to not damage the Anodized Aluminum covers, of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators.

• Do not scratch them with solid objects.


You can wipe your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators with wet napkins first and then with another dry microfiber cloth (not sponges). This is done to prevent them from getting spots.

Another way of cleaning your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators is with glass detergent or disinfectant splashed over your microfiber cloth and then wiping them until there are no spots.



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