Learn more about the importance of water for the human body and how it can be structured by the Divine Light of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators.

Your water, food, cosmetics, medicines and all kind of liquids lose their pure structure depending on how toxic the environment around them is both physically and energetically. It’s a good practice to drink structured water right away or to keep it in a dark glass bottle after you already structured it.

Modern science shows that water retains memory. In other words, water is changing depending on its atmospheric conditions, mainly depending on the emotional or intentional mood of the person present around it or in it or holding it.

Scientist Bernd Croplin found that he can make the water structure of the water visible by applying water droplets to slides and then viewing them under the dark field microscope and he was able to find that basically, the water droplets made by different students produced different geometric patterns.

Each one of us is radiating different electric frequency and changing water structures in different geometrical patterns.

Here is the big thing! Anything that contains water is programmable through the intention and the force of man’s spirit, man’s will, mood or emotional state at the time.

So if we are more than 70 per cent water as human beings, therefore, our Human Energy Structures, just like the water structure, can be programmed by the Divine Will of our Creator! And exactly this is happening when we wear or use our Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators during Praying and Meditation.

God’s Spiritual and Cosmic Energy within them is programming our Human Energy Structure by increasing the Divine Light Energy within it and by uplifting our Consciousness on the divine path of light for Eternal Life in Kingdom of Heaven!

The same is happening with your water, liquids, food, cosmetics and medicine’s structure. To purify their energetic structures all you have to do is to just put them over your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator, to pray to God to purify them and to leave them there for 15-20 minutes before you are going to consuming them.

In this way, you can structure your raw food before you cook it. That way, you will purify it from the negative energy of the environment where it came from.

You can also structure your cooked meal at the restaurant as well as your drinks.

If you do not have time to do this after you drink your liquids or eat your food, then you can put your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator over your stomach and charge it with Divine Light and positive energy, through Breathing and Visualisation Spiritual Practices. This could be especially helpful if you have any kind of health problems concerning your stomach or intestines.

Your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators increases your Energy and the energy of the structure of the things you use and consume.

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