Science is showing, through Quantum Physics, that at a subatomic level we find energy. Everything around us is energy. You, me, us, the animals, the trees and the Creation and space within it. Even Our Thoughts.

This physics framework is responsible for any number of bizarre phenomena – particles kilometres apart that can nonetheless communicate instantaneously and indecisive photons that somehow go two directions at once.

But it is also responsible for the technological advances that make modern life possible. Without quantum mechanics, there would be no transistor, and hence no personal computer; no laser, and hence no Blu-ray players. 

Quantum Physics tells us that everything vibrates, everything is Energy and Our Thoughts are Cosmic Waves with Potent Energy. It seems We Are ALL ONE ENERGY, all part of “a sea” filled with energy.

Our thoughts matter, since we are part of  the Supreme Consciousness of God!

By thinking and feeling, we are sending out cosmic waves contributing to the expansion of the universe, as we go along. Scientists tell us that the universe is expanding rapidly and no-one can understand why. However, if we are part of the Creation, by using our thoughts and feelings in our inner world, it all starts to make sense.

Quantum fields are the quantum-theoretical generalizations of classical fields. The two archetypal classical fields are Maxwell’s electromagnetic field and Einstein’s metric field of gravitation.

We have two fundamental theories of physics: Quantum Field Theory and General Relativity.

In Quantum Field Theory, fields are fundamental and particles, with their antimatter counterparts, are just ways in which that field vibrates.
Quantum Field Theory takes quantum mechanics and special relativity into account, and it’s a great theory of all the forces and particles except gravity, which it ignores. General relativity is a great theory of gravity, but it ignores quantum mechanics.

Nowadays, it is Quantum Physics that is often used in our daily life.

Quantum physics describe Quantum Fields that hold unlimited potential frequencies in the form of sub-atomic particles. All manifested things emerge from Quantum fields, therefore these are fields of unlimited possibilities.
Scientists discovered that looking at one particle, mysteriously, causes the other, with matching properties, to reveal itself too.
This effect could happen in the real world.

For example, with particles of light – photons. The equations imply that a source of photons could create pairs, in such a way, that when we measure one, causing it to snap out of its fuzzy state, with the other particle, with correlated properties, mysteriously snapping out of its fuzzy state, at the same instant.

Think of the Quantum Field as being filled with infinite amounts of energy vibrating beyond the physical world of matter and beyond of our senses.

As you enter this endless, vast space, the awareness that there are no people, no objects, no places and no time hits you. Instead, an infinite number of unknown possibilities exist, as energy!

The Energy Structure of Your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator merges with your own and they start communicating. In this process of communication during your Praying and Meditation time, you connect with the Cosmic and Spiritual Energy of the Creation and you start receiving special Events from the Spiritual world. They come from God, by His Will, and your Human Energy Structure starts dealing with them. The way you are facing these new possibilities, which come to you by the Lord’s Will, is different according to your energy level. The higher your energy level is, the more positive thoughts you will accumulate and even if the spiritual events make you face negative thoughts, which produce fears, you will be able to overcome them easily, as the Geometrical Models and the Word of God will work for you. They will ease the process of you overcoming your fears.

By connecting, interacting and influencing your Soul, positively, even if you are not aware of special practices yet, the Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators already work for you, as they connect your Soul to the Quantum Field of all unique new infinite possibilities. With time, your electromagnetic signature will change to match the one that already exists in the quantum field. Your body will be drawn to that event, you will move into a new line of time or the event will find you in your new reality.

When you imagine the things you desire, say, love, health, particular hopes or wealth, you’re drawing your power and energy from that which is in the unseen – your Quantum Field of absolute infinity. Here in lies all of the abundance in this world, all the little miraculous acts that make up your everyday life, and the entire behind-the-scenes action of your existence. When you want something and you think about having it, this infinite field of possibilities collapses down to the limited spectrum of what you are focusing on. Therein, you see what you have focused on or expect.

Things like our beliefs about the way life works, and the experiences we’ve endured will come into play when collapsing the free-flowing particles to one SEEN outcome. You can draw infinite resources, infinite health, and infinite love to yourself, but notice what is filtering or, in fact, limiting what you notice.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators help you to put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and through Him, you won’t have to worry about how things would come to be and you will just, patiently, anticipate whatever you want happening, in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators make you realize the unseen, endless possibilities that sit inside your imagination and by Praying and Meditating with them, you can access your deepest potential. By moving through and discarding the doubts and disbeliefs that limit your outcomes, you can open yourself to an entire Quantum Field of opportunities, in your life.

Finally, by undeniably believing that Lord Jesus Christ is with you and within you, you will create the life you always dreamed of. All you need is your deep faith and desire to walk in the steps of the Holy Spirit, who will lead you into the invisible part of the Creation and by opening your heart for the spiritual wealth and by God’s Will, you will bring the unseen to your reality.

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