Troyan Monastery, Bulgaria

Who among us doesn’t want happiness and joy? It is something that we all hold dear to our hearts.

Our problem today is that we don’t understand what True Joy is. In the midst of this sinful world, joy has lost its true meaning. We have all types of entertainment and other ways of having fun available to us, but we still find that joy is absent in our hearts. The few times we are able to experience some happiness, we find that it is not a fulfilling happiness, but rather something temporary that eventually fades away.


We find a description of it in the Book of Genesis in which we read that man in the Garden of Eden was happy, blessed, innocent and perfectly joyful.

The source of his joy was a real and uninterrupted relationship with God. As long as he was close to God, he was filled with the peace of God and rejoiced in the perfect and indescribable joy of God. When he chose to become independent by disobeying God, however, he became separated from the source of his great joy.

From the time of man’s fall until the present day, people have been searching for this great joy. Some thought they would find it in the pleasures of this world and in sinful living. Some thought they would find it in luxury and the enjoyment of riches, like, for example, the rich young man in the Gospel who turned away from the Face of our Savior because he couldn’t give up his wealth. Yet others seek to find joy in addictive behaviors, which turn out to be nothing more than self-medications that help us forget our pain.

What we do today is have fun, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into joy.

Soul EnergyNoosphere Regulators main role is to increase your Energy Level, the Divine Light in your Soul so high that you to put God on first place in your life! As only than you can feel Divine Happiness that will bring everything else you need in your life by God’s Will.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators give you the happiness of a lively faith, a joyful hope. Despite your tribulation, take full delight in God, your exceeding joy every day and be happy in him. God created you and wired you to be happy!
Happy is the man whose sins are forgiven, whose transgressions are not counted against him.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators increase your Energy Field Divine Light power in a way that provoke you to pursue your highest pleasure – to find your treasure by knowing God on a deep level! To fight for the right joy! To realize there is greater joy in God than you’ve yet known. To not give up. To not settle for the lesser joys. To pursue your pleasure in God, the greatest Treasure that exists, with all your heart! “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21).

The atheist sees beauty too but has no one to thank, thus no one to be happy in.

By Praying and Meditating with Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators your heart will feel and understand that joy is not an emotion that can be forced, fabricated, or faked; that is not dependent upon your circumstance; happiness is possible when you feel secure in Lord & live in his presence. Your Meditation time with this unique tool allows you to have clear direction of your life because you are lead by the Divine Light within your Human Energy Structure.

Every Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator is particularly regenerative, not only for reprogramming your body’s cells to continually renew themselves, but also for revitalizing your mind. It initiates a higher level of creativity, clearing the Third Eye and Crown Energy Centers of conventional thought and limitations, and bringing new, “never before thought of” ideas and innovations to humanity. It expands your Consciousness to understand that you can connect to the Spirit whenever there is a need or desire. Its vibration assists in aligning your Solar Plexus Energy Center with the spiritual, surrendering personal will to Divine Will, making it easier for you to receive the guidance and assistance needed to move forward on your life path.
It encourages you to see the positive, beneficial and constructive forces in all events and situations, and to use discretion based on wisdom and discernment.

Joy comes from knowing God, enjoying what God has done for you and believing that He constantly cares for you. May true joy be in your heart!

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