Mount of Olives
Jerusalem, Israel

Life is full of ups and downs. You inevitably will be faced with moments in life that seriously challenge you. These dark moments can leave you feeling frustrated, scared, and broken. You might start to lose some of your faith in God.

God should not be blamed for the existence of suffering!

All people suffer whether or not they are righteous. You should expect suffering to come, so your faith will not be shaken when it does.

The ultimate and primary blame for suffering rests on Satan, who tenors people to sin and thereby brings sin into the world.

The secondary blame rests upon people, ourselves included, who have given in to temptation and committed the sin that led to suffering.

Yes, God did create suffering as a punishment for sin, but only after he had given people a life without problems and had warned them of the consequences of sin. When they chose to sin He could no more be blamed for punishing them.

Remember – if you blame God and reject Him because you are suffering, then you are doing exactly what Satan wants you to do! He has defeated you!

The only way to defeat Satan and overcome hardship is to maintain your faithfulness in God despite of it!

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators help you to see solutions of your problems, as they increase your deep faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and connect you to the Cosmic and Spiritual Powers of His.

By Praying and Meditating with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators, you are merged with God, you have him within you and with you and you will be able to turn your biggest setbacks into your biggest comebacks. With God, you can change from being a victim to being a victor. With God, you can navigate the deepest and darkest valleys of life and walk high on the mountain. It is important you do not let your obstacles in life tear you away from your faith. Instead, these are the moments where you need faith the most. If you are stuck in a pit of despair, don’t let yourself give up.

Reach out and call God’s name. He is there right beside you.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators help you understand that only good can result from your suffering. They bring into your Spirit God’s Wisdom, Power, Truth and the Knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. It plays the role of revealing to you how to overcome all challenges in your life being led by deep faith, love and patience.

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