Addiction is a complex condition manifested by compulsive substance use or the repetition of an unhealthy habit despite the harmful consequences. People with addiction have a severe and persistent focus on alcohol, narcotics, nicotine, technology, social media, etc. Ultimately, this takes over their life, negatively impacting their relationships, career, and goals. People who struggle with addiction have a hard time finding real happiness and emotional balance.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators give to you the unique opportunity to connect your Soul to the Divine Light and Love power of God.
What you need, to be healthy on every level of your Human Energy Structure is to have the most important part of it healed, strong and full of Divine Light – and this is a Healed Soul!

God is the Only Supreme Healer of your Soul! Healthy Soul is equal to healthy Human Energy Structure including your Physical body!

When you think of God healing people, you often think of healing from physical sickness – things like cancer, genetic disorders or physical injuries.

But what about things like pornography addiction, drugs/alcohol, depression or anxiety? Does God ever heal people from addiction and emotional disorders?

God can heal you from addiction and emotional disorders the same way He can heal you of any physical problem. It all comes down to understanding the basis of any healing: Lord Jesus Christ.
When Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, He took every single pain, addiction, emotional disorder, physical disorder, disease and sickness, resisting them. 1 Peter 2:24 says, “By His stripes, you were healed.” And that covers everything.

The brain can change. Neural passageways that are fed lies can create an addiction to alcohol or homosexual tendencies. You can place the greater truth in your brain by Meditating on the Word of God. This forms new passageways that will trump any addiction. God will form this truth in your Spirit that will set you free!

Step one: Reject and repent of the lie. Step two: Meditate on the Truth (God’s Word). Step three: Walk in your freedom.
Stand, with undivided faith, upon God’s healing promises from the Bible. Do this whether you are believing for healing from a physical problem or an addiction/emotional disorder.

Praying and Meditation with Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators reduces anxiety and stress levels. It increases concentration, improves your mood, promotes deep sleep and helps you achieve clarity of mind amongst many other positive benefits.

When a person recovering from addiction experiences withdrawal, which are side effects of not taking a drug such as anxiety or insomnia, Praying and Meditation can help them relax. Deep relaxation enhances the overall quality of sleep. Furthermore, during times of wakefulness, it improves better moods. Similarly, mindfulness (the skills of remaining focused on the present) can help those who struggle concentrating on daily activities and craving substance. By being mindful, they can gain awareness of the present and successfully identify destructive and unnecessary thought patterns.

Always keep your trust in Lord Jesus Christ!

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