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Wealth Is a Gift from God to Be Used in His Service.

Lord Jesus Christ saw wealth as a gift from God to be used in His service. Those who have been blessed with wealth must share generously with the poor and avoid the sins of arrogance, dishonesty and greed.

Those of us who are blessed with wealth beyond our need have a responsibility to share generously with the less fortunate. We should view our wealth as a gift from God, entrusted to us, to carry out His work on earth.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator allows you to personally experience Spiritual Wealth as only through it you can have what Real Wealth consists of – physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony, and fulfillment in your life. Spiritual Wealth begins within and is not dependent on the acquisition or accumulation of anything external. This exact inner power starts developing within you, through your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator!

The Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator creates the balance between your material and spiritual wealth. It solves your main internal conflict that exists on a deep unconscious level, even if you are not aware of it. If you can be spiritually of service you will also be financially successful.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator heals your Subconsciousness, erases your old beliefs, decreases the effects of deeply emotional experiences (even from infancy), erases the negative impressions that others have made in your lives, among other influences. Your Subconsciousness influences 90% of your life, without you even knowing it.

By Praying and Meditating with this type of Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator you purify your Energy Centers and replace your old negative wealth beliefs with the new Programs for both Spiritual and Material Wealth. By increasing your Divine Light Energy Level you become aware of all your negative programs deep within your Subconsciousness that stop you from achieving your goals for both Spiritual and Material prosperity.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator supports your spiritual attraction process. While you wear it, in your everyday life or during your Praying and Meditating time, you start playing a large role in what you spiritually manifest in the financial area of your life, and every other area for that matter. You take more control over your wealth, by participating in the Conscious, real-life level. This can be achieved by the use of visualization, where you direct the desire you have of a certain thing through proper thinking. You can also become aware of and influence what is occurring on the deeper, hidden levels within you. This is where the real power of spiritual attraction originates.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator supports you in getting a clear goal of the amount of wealth and the resulting lifestyle, which you want to attract. The universe and its spiritual force do not deal very well with unclear or mixed messages. When you aren’t clear about what you want or you change your mind, you aren’t likely to get the wanted results.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator helps you to frequently align your visual mind, your thoughts, and your emotions with what you want to create and having the abundance to start doing the things you’ve always wanted to do in life. When it comes to money, helps you to adjust your thinking to where you feel desire, joy, relief, and appreciation, not loneliness, frustration, or disbelief.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator helps you to get control over your emotions as they are the voice that shouts at the universe and tells it what you want to manifest in your life.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator brings to you spiritual wealth by first making you through your Divine Light connection with Lord a healthy person (mentally, emotionally, spiritually). It starts the process of removing your obstacles. You are already able to put intention into what you want, and the desired outcome arrives quickly and with little hassle.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator removes your doubts, negative expectations, low self-esteem and hopelessness, as they all block the flow of spiritual attraction. This is why clearing those personal obstacles has to be your top priority, if you are serious about attracting wealth. It helps you to find out what is specifically wrong and then helps you take steps to repair the issue.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator slowly builds your faith in the spiritual attraction process – you may be able to put out the intention to attract the wealth and lifestyle you desire and within a short amount of time, attain this goal. But you will likely be better off taking small steps to harness your skill of spiritual attraction. Build up the emotion within yourself.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator develops patience in you, as to increase your spiritual wealth you always need time, as God is testing your faith. Allow your faith in God to lead you and him to take care of the details of how things will fall into place. What happens if you plant a seed in a garden, and you dig it up every day to see how it’s doing? The seed dies and the plant doesn’t grow. You have to stay back, give the seed that water it needs, and be patient. Think about how you can apply this same principle to spiritually attracting wealth into your life.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator helps you to keep an open mind to how wealth may show up in your life. When we set out to spiritually manifest things, we are given opportunities. Make sure you see these opportunities and act when appropriate.


Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator brings abundance and fullness to all areas of your life, from business to agricultural endeavors. It is ideal for an examination of one’s self, and the self-imposed limitations and patterns that make up your life experiences. It is helpful for anyone involved in therapy, meditation or any path of serious work that requires a day-to-day behavioral change necessary to achieve desired results.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. It’s warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence.
It strengthens family connections and protects when traveling, especially by air or in traffic.

In the workplace, Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator brings a breath of fresh air to stagnant air-conditioned environments.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator is devoted to expression, empowerment and teaching. It discharges your negative energies, calms you, and allows your truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard. The tool also emphasizes the power your words and actions have on those around you, and encourages your compassion, and strengthening of character.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator encourages you to reveal your highest knowledge so that others may benefit from your experiences. This may come in the form of speaking lovingly to a friend and offering insights or a teacher talking to a student, after class. It simply models words, in a way that grants them power, as words chosen wisely with knowledge have a big impact on the world. It is also a valuable tool for those who speak for a living.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator is beneficial for musicians. It is an excellent charm for learning new musical instruments or joining a choir, orchestra or theatre group, and to have the confidence to play in public.

People with wandering temperaments, who never stay in one place, would benefit from it. Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator supports those who work in the computer industry or as accountants, by calming emotional stress. For designers and inventors, it encourages inspiration by combining creative ideas with new practical applications. Within the home, it draws off the negative energies of rocky relationships and situations that are constantly changing. It provides stability, acceptance and great inner strength.

As a professional support the Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator improves interactions for all who work in sales, merchant banking, casinos, sports and fitness, and the media. It is a fortifying tool for medical personnel and healers, and increases productivity in governmental work. It strengthens one’s inner light and sparks creativity and imagination. It is ideal for artists of all kinds.


Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator is highly beneficial for physical maturation, from childhood to adulthood, for lessening trauma and assisting in transitions. It is particularly helpful at balancing emotions during puberty, and aiding women adversely affected in their menses or fertility due to fibroid masses or cystitis. It is an ideal gift for pregnancy and birth. The tool is also of good help for the severely disabled and them reaching their full potential. The Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator regulator may be used to treat disorders of the skin, eyes, skeletal system, and to enhance their development. It aids the absorption of nutrients and the removal of toxins.


On an emotional level Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator teaches you the value of both expression and the virtue of keeping silent. You can speak and say nothing, or remain silent and speak volumes. It provides soothing energy, which dispels highly charged emotional situations, angry words or fear-filled sarcasm, to allow your truth to be shared with wisdom and true communication. The tool opens bottled emotions that block the mind from thinking clearly and stimulates balance and wholeness. It also helps men to show their feelings and be vulnerable, as well as recovery from violence by partners of either sex.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator brings harmony, emitting calm, confident energy that encourages you to slow down, center, and enjoy the moment, lending the time needed for you to “bloom.” It nurtures change and equilibrium, and demonstrates how the two work together to increase one’s strength of character and provide for a positive, solid lifestyle. It counteracts superficiality and dispels ignorance, bigotry, narrow-mindedness, self-righteousness, and jealousy. If your emotional growth has been stunted because of abuse or neglect, it opens new channels for connection and trust with others and encourages showing more love to the world, in turn bringing more love into your own life.


Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator resonates with both black and white energies, and may be used to balance the yin and yang forces within the system. It is ideal for opening and clearing the meridians for a smooth flow of energy as it stimulates the Root and the Crown Energy Centers.

The Root Energy Center is located at the base of the spine, and controls the energy for kinesthetic feeling and movement. It is the foundation of physical and spiritual energy for the body. When physically out of balance, the symptoms manifest as lethargy, low levels of activity, low enthusiasm, and a need for constant stimulation. When spiritual energies are out of balance, one may feel flighty, disconnected from reality or distant. When the Root Energy Center is in balance, the physical body regains its strength, and spiritual energy is rekindled in the form of security and sense of your own power. It often leads to independence and spontaneous leadership.

The Crown Energy Center is located at the top of the head, and is a gateway to the expanded universe. It controls how you think, respond to the world, and is the fountainhead of your beliefs, as well as a source of spirituality. It is a connection to the higher levels of existence and is the source of universal energy and truth. When the Crown is in balance, your energies are in balance. It enkindles the knowledge of your place in the universe and to see things as they are. It allows you to be unruffled by setbacks, knowing they are an essential part of life.


Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator promotes a sense of balance between your spiritual and physical world and invites you to slow down and enjoy each moment and help recognize time, as it often does not become precious until it has passed. It teaches that you don’t need to lose your childlike innocence and fun-loving spirit, but only needs to progress toward spiritual growth. It reminds you of the Divine Spark that resides within you, one that was present before this physical experience, and will be after.

Business and Wealth Noosphere Regulator vibrates in resonance with the “flowering” of your highest good and is a magnet of positive synchronicities. To those on the spiritual path who understand the way the Creation provides unexpected opportunities once one has begun a journey, it seems to draw in and burn through obstacles and result in abundance, health and joy. It inspires, enlivens, and enkindles the manifestation of ideas and creativity, and opens one to true abundance in all levels of life.


Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators For Hands and Body are made especially for you with the aim of cleaning, purifying, charging and balancing of your Human Energy Structure.

They can be successfully used for purifying the Energy Structures of the substances, liquids and spaces around you.


Cave of Prophet Elijah
Carmel Mount, Israel


The most important thing, for you, is to be with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators For Body and Hands close, holding it in different ways during your Praying and Meditation Time no matter if it is the day, night or both.

You can consciously put your attention and concentration into using your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators For Body and Hands with all Praying and Meditation Spiritual Practices, created by me, Stella Kamenova, especially for working with every type of Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator.

You can also FAST with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators.

There are 3 Main Energy Fields, for which you can use your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators For Body and Hands – Human Energy Field, Substances and Liquids Energy Field and Spaces Energy Field.

Human Energy Field

You can use your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator For Body and Hands in two ways.
• By putting your hands over your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator
• By putting your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator over different parts of your Physical body, in different ways.

Both ways of using of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator For Body and Hands bring All Benefits of the Noosphere Regulators, as well the benefits of the specific Type of the Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator, chosen by yourself.


Why is using your hands, by putting them over your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator, the most important way of working with it?

When you Pray and Meditate it is very important for you to use your hands!

When you put your hands over the Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator, it helps your Mind to concentrate by using your sense of touch, your most sensitive sensory perception.

Even if 90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual, the tactile stimuli have the property to create a deeper impression on us.

That is why the monks are using prayer ropes when they pray the Jesus’ Prayer.

By touching your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators, with your hands, you can connect directly to both Necklace and For Body and Hands and their Energy Structures, which are radiating the Vibrations of the Divine Light of God. We can also learn to be constant by overcoming our fallen nature, which usually falls victim to daily influences.

The Energy Centers, located in the palm of your hands, are powerful tools of perception and healing.

Your Palms’ Energy Centers are concentrated Energetic Fields, in charge of transmitting Energy from other Energy Centers.

Self-healing work, involves the hands as the primary means to feel, give, and receive Energy. The Energy of the Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator channels into your palms and through them to your Main 7 Energy Centers and to all your Human Energy Structure.

You can clean, purify, charge and balance the Energy Centers of your body also through your feet, legs, back and head.
You can clean, purify, charge and balance the Energy Centers of your body also through your feet, legs, back and head.

The Energy Centers of the Feet and Legs are our body’s physical connection to the earth. They link us energetically to the planet and the energy frequency of the Earth, and ultimately the Universe. This is the place that you can create any type of grounding technique that suits you.


Ankles and Calves Energy Centers

Knees Energy Centers

Thighs and Hips Energy Centers

BACK Energy Centers
BACK Energy Centers

Every Main Energy Center of your body has front and back side. The front part of your Energy Centers is in the front side of the body. And the back of your Energy Centers face the back of our body. The front side give you the ability to give, this is what you give to the world and how you perceive the world. The back side points is your ability to receive. This is what you receive from the world, how the world perceives you.

Your body and Earth are in a relationship for whatever time you spend here as beings acting through a body.

HEAD Energy Centers

You can put your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators over your head too.

HEAD Energy Centers

You can put your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators over your head too.


During the day you can wear your Noosphere Regulators with you in all your activities.


During the day you can wear your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators with you in all your activities.

Inside your handbag while walking in the city or in the nature (rack sack, beach bag).

Over your desk while working in the office.

Over your desk or your children desk while studying – proper for every age.

Over your piano or next to you if playing on another musical instrument while practicing.

Around you or over you while exercising, playing football, lifting weights, while practicing yoga, etc.

While we are relaxing no matter if we are inside or outside.


During the night you can sleep with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator For Hands and Body on you. This is what I am practicing. But while you sleep you can put it next to you.

For why you have to put your Soul Energy Nooosphere Regulators during the night sleep close to you read here.

Make every cell in your body awaken and rejoice with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators.

Substances and Liquids Energy Field

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators have the unique ability to purify and structure not only your Human Energy Field but also the Energy Field of your Food, Water and other types of Liquids, of your Cosmetics and of your Medicines.

How Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators can purify and structure your Water, Food, Cosmetic and Medicines read here.

Food – Raw or cooked

Vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, meat




Spaces Energy Field

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators can clean the negative energy flows and vibrations of the closed spaces where you live or work or spend time inside.

Even though your home, office, car, planes, trains, restaurant, hall or other closed spaces energy can’t be seen, it can definitely be felt.

Have you ever walked into a home that felt dark and dingy even though it was tidy?

First impressions of a space are heavily influenced by the Space’s Energy. Places with good Energy feel warm and welcoming, whereas places with negative or stagnant Energy feel uninviting.

When you have your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator with you for the first time walk with it within every room of your home or your working area as well your car and purify them from all negative vibrations.


In order to avoid damaging your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators you should not:

Wet the physical structure of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators in any way - no pouring of liquids over it, no bathing with it, no swimming with it.

• Drop it on the ground or throw it hard over surfaces, as to not damage the Anodized Aluminum covers, of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators.

• Do not scratch them with solid objects.


You can wipe your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators with wet napkins first and then with another dry microfiber cloth (not sponges). This is done to prevent them from getting spots.

Another way of cleaning your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators is with glass detergent or disinfectant splashed over your microfiber cloth and then wiping them until there are no spots.



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