Malibu – California, USA

The whole planet wants the freedom of eternal happiness, but most people seek it where it is not and seek it in an inappropriate way.

The Law of Freedom teaches the whole truth. Many read about freedom in a theoretical way, but few understand it, and these only in the degree to which they practice the commandments.

Do not seek perfection of this Law in human virtues, for nobody is found perfect in them. Its perfection is hidden in the Cross of Christ.

Many follow the Lord Jesus Christ with their lips but, when they pass through the death on the Cross – perfect self-denialmany turn back.

Because of this, we suffer for our troubles, because only through troubles God brings people out, from where they are jammed, out of the dryness of life.

And trouble will grieve us all the more until we seek to be healed.

Based on Saint Mark the Ascetic, Saint Arsenios Boca



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