Author: Damian Dimitrov

Language: English

Print Length: 234 pages

Description: 93 lessons to help you change your way of thinking by proposing solutions to various problems. You identify your issues, you decide what piece of advice you like and you decide to take action, I am just trying to be your guide.


Good fiction describes reality. I want to show you my perspective of human existence. I want to reach my people with this piece of work. I like to believe in my ability to help others reflect on meaningful topics. I don’t have the need to share but choose to do so.

For me, the point of writing literature is to inspire and ground people. By reading my observations on different personality traits, people can make their unique conclusions and move forward. They can either see a solution to their problems or be alarmed that their behaviour is mentioned in the negative examples of my work.

There is no point in living if you don’t want to become a more functional person, who can help others and be honest with their own self. The goal is to influence people to be more intelligent, responsible and less superficial. I value honesty over any writing talent that I have and I want to convey it in this book, so I won’t be left misunderstood and silent.

To put it shortly, I want to help you change your way of thinking by proposing solutions to various problems. You identify your issues, you decide what piece of advice you like and you decide to take action, I am just trying to be your guide. We all feed ourselves different types of energy using our thoughts.


Big Introduction
Pages of Observation, Wisdom and Advice
• Self Control
• The Irony of Life
• Advice to Writers
• Temporary Limitation
• Don’t copy, Don’t Manipulate
• Be Open, Not Influenced
• Composure in Presenting
• The Ugliness of Ambition
• The Power and Fakeness of Charm
• Honesty
• Overestimation of Importance
• The Captivation of Tragedy
• Negativity, Not Hopelessness
• The Four A’s
• Saviour Complex
• The Danger of Women
• The Weakness of Others
• Unforeseen Events
• The Importance of This Book
• Appreciation Between People
• Ego, Enjoyment and Simplicity
• Relationship Choices
• Relationship Readiness
• Attractiveness
• Lack of Objectivity

• Social Happiness
• Painful Existence
• Recollection
• Important Moments
• Tough Choice
• Relationship Approach
• Finding You and Finding the One
• A Discussion of Greed
• Attributes of a Winner
• Bad Situations, Not Bad Conclusions
• Responsibility and Sustainability
• The Comparison
• Praise
• Regret
• Alone
• The Outside
• The Old Toddler
• The Ugliness of Vanity
• The Pain of Longevity
• The Confusion of the Mind
• Delusion of Significance
• Truly Happy
• Unstable Complications
• The Culture
• Excitement
• Laughable Deceptions
• Being Different

Pages of Mindset and Discipline
• Moments of Weakness
• The Evolution of a Mind
• Pieces
• Defeating Envy
• A Little Bit About Me
• Mental Peace
• Looking Down on People
• Forced Rules
• Naivety
• Authenticity
• Discipline and Perseverance
• Potential and Perspective
• A Guide Away from Anger
• Emotional Peace
• Present Consistency
• Painful Comfort
• Change
• Pessimistic Perspective
• Self Harm Cure
• Confidence
• Initial Reaction
• Unfinished Business

Pages of Creativity
• Youth
• Acceptance
• Reasons and Motivations
• Regarding Change
• The Search
• Smile
• What’s Broken Can Become Unbreakable
• Grit, Pain, Determination, Success, Greed
• Giving Up
• Life is Grey If You Wear the Right Glasses
• I Don’t Like This Place
• Lead Sweat
• Imaginary Patriotism
• Application Letter
Essay section
• Teenagers and The Highly Unhealthy Activity of Smoking
• Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?


Control can only be established within our body and mind. There is no way for you to command the matters of the soul and the outside circumstances you experience because they are controlled by God.

The way to establish peace in the third dimension of human existence is to work hard, stay true to your values, pray and repent. I can only guide you to be a more stable human, using your free will in the context of the physical. Self-control should be a priority for everybody. This type of power can only be developed through reflection and habits that replicate the difficulties you are fighting off because good habits take practice. You have to be able to turn yourself into a controlled environment.


Fighting off anxiety can be done only through the discipline required of a person that feels intense hunger but doesn’t eat regardless. This controlled hunger can be exercised in the form of intermittent fasting. After the first two hours of waking up, you will feel hunger but on the third, there will be numbness, where there is no rush to eat anymore. Fasting allows your body to burn the calories from the previous day and wake up naturally. You should be able to get going without sugar and caffeine in the morning because they become unhealthy crutches with the passing of time. Once you make the hunger go away with your patience, you will be in control of the most human necessity. Nervousness works on the same principle where the way to get through the storm is to wait until calm returns.

The catch is to not panic and not allow yourself to make any stupid mistakes during the period of trial. Some states need acceptance and time. Patience doesn’t give you a solution but creates a lack of need for it. Intermittent fasting helps you burn the problems of yesterday and waiting calmly in moments of anxiety helps you burn the negative thoughts clouding your mind. The more you eat, the more your appetite is unlocked. The more you let the neurons in your brain fire during difficult situations, the worse it all seems.

Once the mind is clear, the next step to achieving peace is slowing down the persistent fast beating of the heart. Exhale to calm yourself down. Correct breathing has many important functions. There are important parallels once again between breathing exercises and their function. The way to inhale the responsibility of the situation, fill up with excitement and become more alert is to breathe in. Learning to manipulate your physical state through breathing is also really important for stamina and explosiveness so that you can perform better physically. No exercise is easy with wasteful mouth breathing and no life task is easy with a lack of mental exhaling. This form of release can be achieved by abstracting yourself from stress and letting go of counterproductive behaviour. Don’t overwork yourself until you can’t function. Doing the same mistakes and working overtime using the wrong methods won’t help you in the slightest. If you keep working late at night and wasting time during the day, for example, you could struggle with deadlines and your sleep schedule. Making this approach a mistake of the past is the exhale you would need to disperse the stress in your body. You should know when to rest, getting that metaphorical cloud of carbon dioxide to exit your chest. The last metaphorically important habit that could also be done in reality to achieve a similar effect is lifting weights. It builds a resistance where even at your weakest you can keep composure.

Whenever someone breaks and shouts in a debate, it turns into an argument they are on path to losing. The urge to shout may be strong but you have to move forward in a calm manner just like doing the last bicep curl even though your arms are static from pain. The parallel is obvious and effective.

Once anxiety, anger and bad habits are off the list, you can call yourself an individual capable of self-control.


Lies and deception are usually qualities associated with the Devil but there are many women capable of these incredible acts of chaos. In an ideal sense, what it means to be a man is to be a carrier of order and a servant to God. The ideal standard for my gender is really high, as we have literally built society and fought wars throughout history. This is a man’s world because we create, maintain and disrupt peace on Earth by God’s Grace.

Quality men have built homes, cultivated foods, produced electricity and offered a working hand to society, while also providing education, opportunity, safety and great service to their families.

Men as a personification of order can work with great focus, improving themselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Many times men show their simple nature by falling in love with a woman that doesn’t have their best interest at hand. 
This is a result of them never learning to differentiate between inner and superficial beauty. Beautiful women use their qualities to sneakily get what they want and they can ruin and manipulate men expertly. This can be the downfall of any poor representative of my gender.
Crying when losing in an argument, using sex as a bargaining chip and threatening their partner to leave are all female manipulation tactics, which can drive any guy insane. That’s not even the worst type of female. There are gold diggers, liars, cheaters, victims, women who pressure a man into habits of self-destruction and women who like to humiliate men.

Even the highest quality women personify chaos in a man’s life to some extent because they bring a different mindset, different emotional needs and different expectations of life. They always come hand in hand with drama, emotional instability and confusing new suggestions about how a man should communicate with others and live his life. Additional serious problems brought upon my gender include heartbreak and jealousy. Chaos follows the footsteps of a woman closely but with a small delay.

The relationship problems become a reality only after the ’’girl of your dreams’’ feels comfortable being herself. Once this happens, arguments will swiftly enter your life like a surprised girlfriend enters the bedroom following the trails of roses on St. Valentine’s Day. 

My solution is not to avoid women but to be aware of the negative effects of trusting the wrong one.

Be careful who you love, be suspicious of the motives behind your partner’s actions and try to objectively evaluate what they bring to the relationship. There is no way to run away from love and sexual attraction, so just be aware that blind, beauty based love is extremely dangerous.

Don’t chase a woman just because her body is pretty and exposed by her suggestive clothing.

Only a high-quality woman, who is genuinely in love with her man, can create order and happiness in their life.

Patience, emotional maturity, care, nurture and a beautiful positive attitude are qualities that only a small number of women possess.

Maintaining the order and discipline you have established as a single man should be your main goal. I suggest no man risks disrupting the peace they have created unless pursuing a woman that they feel is really special. That outstanding girl will show interest in you and will try to understand your flaws out of care, not judgement.

Choose well because you want someone to peacefully accompany you in your existence on this Earth, not create extra issues.


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