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Motivation is that special fuel that drives you to achieve your goals. It’s what keeps you optimistic and determined to succeed even during the toughest of times.

Yet, figuring out how to motivate yourself is a challenge. Too often, you find yourself trapped in a never-ending spiral of procrastination. You can’t be bothered to get things done. You can’t do anything beyond the minimum because the impulse to take action is basically non-existent.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators bring the motivation of Lord Jesus Christ Himself to your heart!

What motivates God?

Our Lord is moved by the mutual love that exists throughout eternity between the Father and the Son by the Spirit. This love is what moved God to create us, and why He allowed us to sin by loving ourselves; and why He sent His Son to save us from our ultimate sin of self-love.

The Father’s love for the Son and Jesus’ response, express the ultimate motivation of God, which is Him wanting us to participate in that love but not forcing it upon us as He gave us Free Will.

In John 17, the Lord Jesus Christ portrayed his relationship with the Father as a love-motivated glory so that the Triune communion “before the world existed” (verse 5) was one of shared glory. Love was at the basis of this plan, a love that embraces all who respond to it and that forms a communion of love: “that the love with which you have loved me may be in them and I in them”.

In 1 John 4, the divine communion was summarized by the declaration that “God is love”. Apostle Paul, knowing this, wrote to the Corinthians that in the spiritual-relational triad of faith, hope and love “the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13).
Divine love exhibits God’s heart for us that the Spirit reveals to us in salvation as he “pours out” His love in our hearts. God loved the world—revealing the spreading quality of his love—that He gave His Son over to death, in order to raise us out of death in the Son’s resurrected life (John 3:16).

It means that for us to be “right” with God—that is, to be “righteous” and “reconciled”—is for us to share His motivation. This call to love is what He called the “greatest commandment”: nothing else will do.

By Praying & Meditating with Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators, what motivates you in the daily race of life will change. If your motivation is anything that the natural world offers (riches, popularity, success, physical gratification, etc.), then this will change and you will have God’s motivating factor at the centre of your life. If your motivation is related to another person (earning respect, having them serve you, getting your way, experiencing “true love,” etc.) this will change and you will be motivated by the God’s plan for your daily life.

From God’s perspective, there is one primary motivation for life. The opening verses of Hebrews Chapter 12 state that Lord Jesus Christ is that motivation.

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