Qumran, Israel

I have always wanted to walk in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ. To follow the trace of where He was born, grew up, lived, died for our sins and Resurrected for Eternal life within the Kingdom of Heaven!

The Holy Land of Israel was also the land of all Prophets who lived before and with our Lord Jesus Christ there, as well as the land of all Apostles of our Lord and all believers who truly loved Him!

It is inspiring to stand in the place where the world was changed and perhaps imagine being there when history was made.

There is no place I would rather go than to the land where the Lord Jesus lived and walked long ago. I think many of us would want to do that if given the opportunity.

For me, walking in the footsteps of My God is the most sacred act, through which I am given the chance every time I am on our Holy Land of Israel, to feel, to strengthen, to increase my deep & pure love for my Lord, the only Son of God Himself!

Mark 12:30 “Love the Lord your God with all your Heart and with all your Soul, and with all your Mind and with all your Strength.”

Our Lord wants us to love one another and to share the Divine Light that is coming from Him to us with each other.

I would love you to be part of my spiritual journey in the Holy Land of ours, to walk there with me by faith, to spend time with Lord Jesus Christ through my eyes and to let His light shine into your heart!

For the Greatest Treasure of All is Gaining Christ!

P.S. I always travel individually as in this way I can organize every detail of my Journey to be led by my spiritual needs.

I buy my plane tickets, book my hotels and rent cars or drivers by myself, personally. In this way, I am sure that I will have enough time to truly be present where I go, to Pray and to Meditate in peace with Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators, which I always wear as a Necklace and bring with me For Hands and Body types in every part of the world.

Stella Kamenova

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