The Observations of a Strange Mind


Автор: Damian Dimitrov

Език: English

Обем: 234 страници

New ideas give birth to change in the world. ’’The Observations of a Strange Mind’’ is the epitome of originality. The book offers honesty, vulnerability, advice, creativity and wisdom that is deeply connected to the mindset of someone who strives for development, based on high standards. I want to help people and the best way to improve the condition of the collective is by fixing individuals. The goal is for you to read this fine piece of writing, reflect, make conclusions and implement positive change in your everyday life. My dream is to create a chain reaction that leads to all my readers being connected by one common denominator – mental improvement. I don’t want any overthinker to be overpowered by the anxiety, laziness or apathy seeping from their brain. The only way my goals materialise is if people relate to my work. I want my struggles and thought process to help you and make you feel understood. I guarantee that I show vulnerability and honesty in every word that I write. I have a talent of expressing my conflicted mind in a detailed manner. Revelations about discipline, patience, happiness, motivation and many other topics are all on offer in this fine book. I hope you hear a loud click of realization in your mind whenever you read one of my pieces of writing, on a topic you preselected. There is a solution to every problem I have examined. You can follow my positive example or learn from my mistakes and apply it in your life, whatever struggle you are dealing with.

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