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Have you ever wanted to personally experience Spiritual Wealth?

I believe that only through it you can have what Physical Wealth consists of – physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony and fulfillment in your life.

Spiritual Wealth begins within and is not dependent on the acquisition or accumulation of anything external to you.

Exactly this inner power starts to develop within you through your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators!

God wants you to be spiritually rich!

The Bible teaches that God is love. God loves you. He wants you to enjoy His love. The greatest fulfillment that anyone can know is to give and receive God’s love. We were made by God for that.

It has been said that God’s love is unconditional but His blessings are not!

God’s blessings flow when you live in harmony with God’s principles. The blessing can stop flowing when you start to think and act foolishly. 

Do not confuse God’s blessings with God’s love. If things are not working out nicely for you at the moment it does not mean that God does not love you. It does mean that you either need to change your thinking, be patient or both.

We all have difficult times. Sometimes they are perplexing. But looking back, we can usually see how if we had been less ignorant, and if we had had more patience, it would have been much better for us. God wants us to have more knowledge and patience. He wants us to be spiritually rich.

It is God’s will for us to be full of God’s love, and to know the Wisdom of God.

Important: By breathing the Energy of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator into your Energy Field you manifest in the Quantum Field your desire to connect with the Supreme Consciousness of God.

Sit down and put your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator over your legs above your knees, then put your palms over it and say the “Jesus’ Prayer” as it shows us the way towards true humility – “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner” or  the “Lord’s Prayer”.

This is very important because in this way your Soul will start communicating with the Spiritual Energy (Word of God) which is inside your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators!

The power of Praying to God, coming from your heart, means you are ready to open it and to receive the Lord as your Savior.

Now when you manifest your faith in God by praying to Him and while still keeping your palms over your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator take a deep breath, inhale the air coming as Divine Light from your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator through your nose and keep the inhaled air in your body for at least three to four seconds. Now exhale the air slowly through your mouth towards your whole Bio Field and repeat the process of breathing for two to three minutes. Even more, if you want. It is always up to you. There is no strict timing.

You are relaxed and ready to allowing your mind to start listening to your heart.

Start reading the following texts from the Scriptures chosen by me for this Spiritual Practice.

“The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10)

John said, “Beloved I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” (3 John 2).

This apostle was very much in touch with the heart of God, and John knew that God wants our souls to prosper. They prosper when we make the changes that allow the love of God to flow in our lives!

“For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might be rich”. (2 Corinthians 8:9)

“The Lord is exalted, for He dwells on high;
He has filled Zion with justice and righteousness. And He will be the stability of your times, A wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge; The fear of the Lord is his treasure.” Isaiah 33:5-6

“That their hearts may be encouraged, having been knit together in love, and attaining to all the wealth that comes from the full assurance of understanding, resulting in a true knowledge of God’s mystery, that is, Christ Himself, in whom have hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:2-3

The Gospel of Truth (Nag Hammadi Codex I and XII)


“His wisdom contemplates the word, His teaching expresses it, His knowledge has revealed it, His honor is a crown upon it, His joy agrees with it, His glory has exalted it, His image has revealed it, His rest has received it,His love has embodied it, His trust has embraced it.

Thus the word of the father goes forth into all, being the fruit of his heart and expression of his will. It supports all. It chooses them and also takes the character of all and purifies them, causing them to return to the father, to the mother, Jesus of the utmost sweetness.
The father opens his bosom, and his bosom is the holy spirit. He reveals his hidden self, which is his son, so that through the compassion of the father the eternal beings may know him, end their wearying search for the father, and rest themselves in him, knowing that this is rest. After he had filled what was incomplete, he did away with its form. The form of that which was incomplete in the world, which it served.

For where there are envy and strife, there is an incompleteness; but where there is unity, there is completeness. Since this incompleteness came about because they did not know the father, from the moment when they know the Father, incompleteness will cease to exist. As one’s ignorance disappears when one gains knowledge, and as darkness disappears when the light appears, so also incompleteness is eliminated by completeness. Certainly, from that moment on, the form is no longer manifest but will be dissolved in fusion with unity. Now their works lie scattered. In time unity will make the spaces complete. Through unity, each one will understand himself. Using knowledge one will purify himself from multiplicity into unity, devouring matter within himself like fire and darkness by light, death by life.”

Now read the Word of God again. Think over them and close your eyes.

Do a quick heart examination. What is at the core of your delight? What upsets you or produces anger and frustration? These motivations give insight into your core heart issues. You need to evict and demolish any idols trying to take up residence in your heart such as greed, envy, lust, pride and jealousy.

Keep God first in your life and everything else will resume order.

Feel the Divine Light of God that illuminates you and by purifying your energy system, and by increasing your energy vibrational power you stop being in the darkness.

Right now, in this very special moment inhale the air of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator and visualize how the Divine Light of Lord is entering your body through your navel and then fulfilling every Energy Center of yours while you still keep the inhaled air in your body for 3 seconds.

See and feel the greatest blessing you can know, the greatest riches you can have – the riches of having an intimate relationship with Our Creator.

To some doubters, it may seem foolish, but truly, God does want to communicate with you and with me. God is good, and to truly know Him brings the greatest fulfillment and pleasure that anyone could know. If knowing a human person on a physical level through sex can bring pleasure and fulfillment, how much more knowing Almighty God on a Spiritual Eternal Level through faith can bring pleasure and fulfillment! And how much more enduring and worthwhile could a true relationship with God be!

Then exhale the air from your mouth visualizing it is going to and fulfilling your Heart Energy Center!

Now repeat the same breathing practice once more but exhale the air from your mouth to your Crown Energy Center!

Now repeat the same breathing practice once more but exhale the air from your mouth to your Third Eye Energy Center!

Say that in your heart lives the light that does not fail.

Now pray for mercy and open your heart for God by saying this prayer:

“Lord Jesus I need you. Thank you for dying on the Cross for my sins! I open the door of my life and receive you as my savior and Lord. Take control of my life. Make me the kind of a person you want me to be. Amen”

The Divine Light of Lord is within your heart. Your Consciousness is part of the Supreme Consciousness of God!

By practicing during your praying and meditation time with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulator, it increases the divine light power of your Spirit and makes it alive so that God can speak to you.

I urge you to call upon God through Lord Jesus Christ, to put your life in His hands and trust that His work on the cross makes it possible for you to have a new life. Then find out what things God hates in your life, the things that are blocking the flow of God’s love, and get rid of them. Keep searching and keep doing the thing God shows you, and you will enjoy spiritual wealth, no matter what your current situation is.

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