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Praying and Meditating with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators through the Spiritual Practices, which I created, has a certain aim:

To fill your Mind with the Word of God by focusing your Consciousness on the Scripture texts.
• To fulfil your Human Energy Structure with both Spiritual and Cosmic Divine Light Energy.

Praying and Meditating, while using your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators involves pondering, thinking deeply and trying to gain a deeper understanding of what the scripture texts are and how they affect you in order to help you to overcome your daily challenges.

By charging yourself with the Divine Light of your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators, especially while reading and thinking over the scripture texts, what happens is that you actively engage your prefrontal cortex, causing you to gain wisdom, understanding and self-control while strengthening your mind against the attack of the enemy. You are preparing your mind for success.

Meditating with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators on God’s Word unlocks your whole Energy Structure so that it receives the Thought of God himself, as it opens and renews your mind and heart. 

The practice will lead you to new behaviour, enabling you to do whatever was written in the text you read.

Meditation also involves the internal dialogue that you have with yourself. Are you speaking God’s Word to yourself or are you filling your mind with negative thoughts?

The faith is produced in your heart!

The balance that comes from Scripture is not just an intellectual, academic balance. It is a heart balance – the balance of putting God in the place in the life that He should be and putting yourself in a lesser position.

It is thinking about what the Bible says for me, how I can improve, and how I can become better through what the Bible or text says.

When you start to think in that manner, there are many things you can think of that need improvement, but who’s thinking about it? We’re busy. We’ve got things to do. We are always in a hurry.

We need balance. We need to be thinking of different Scriptures, because it needs to control us, to transform us, and to make us closer to God than we have been, with a deeper understanding of what His will is. After all, it’s revealed in Scripture, and in our hearts, we are drawn to that.

Remember that all of us can study the Bible. The point is not how long we have studied it, but rather have we believed it? Have we taken the truth that is there, applied it to our hearts, made it our own, and let it change us? This is absolutely important. It is not important how many times you’ve read through the Bible. What’s important is how much of that Book has gotten a hold of your heart and how much of the searching, comparing, and meditating has made a difference in how you live today.

In John 15:14 the Lord Jesus says “You are my friends if you do whatsoever I command you.” How gracious! He doesn’t call us slaves; he calls us friends. “And you are my friends,” he says, “if you do whatever I say.” That means a heart submission for whatever this Book says. If it teaches this, I do it. If it says this about my life, I do it. You’re a real friend, then, because you value what He wants.

Lord Jesus Christ wants us better than what we are. He wants us to be better in our prayer life, better in our knowledge of Scripture, better in our service to Him. The Bible tells us, from beginning to end, how we can do this. We need to take what is there, make it our own, and let it control our lives.

The most important thing about Christians is not how much money they’ve got, how many material possessions they have, or even who their friends are. The most important thing about any Christian is how much God has of him, how much God controls his life, and how much this Book dominates his thinking, living, praying, and service.

Balance is being what Scripture teaches, letting the message control our lives and prioritize what we are doing. Balance means that we value what this Book says so much that we will take what it says, run down every last reference to it, consider how many such words are in the Bible, and consider how many such things are woven together to make us what we need to be. We can study the Bible all our days and still not know it all and still not have it all down; but, oh, what joy to find out what is there and then submit to it and let it rule us.

Praying and Meditation while using your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators give you All Benefits that can be summarized as improving your health, wellbeing, performance, focus. Performing the practice also brings you emotional healing, self-knowledge and self-discipline (your ability to choose what is in your own best interest). It helps you keep your goals and values in mind while manifesting them in your thoughts, words, and actions. Day after day, you learn more and more how to let go (move forward and live a life with more freedom, lightness and presence).

Spiritual growth is achieved through Praying and Meditating with Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators, which connect you with God and the Spirit of our Savior.

Praying and Meditation with Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators, bring you Inner Peace, True Wisdom and Soul Salvation.


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