The healing potential of the human being expands far beyond the world’s general understanding.

There are fascinating examples of individuals who overcame “incurable” physical illness and extreme trauma, through an open mind and a determined spirit.

I believe that by Lord’s Will, you can begin a journey inward through silence and meditation that will lead you to the awakening of a primal healing force that lies dormant within us, human beings, waiting to be activated.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators consist of Cosmic Energy, represented by Geometrical Models and Spiritual Energy, represented by the Word of God.

How exactly do the Geometrical Models (the language, through which we translate the waves of divine light in the entire open space) and Word of God (sacred texts from the Bible) connect, correspond, interact with and influence your Energy Field?

Cosmic Energy and Spiritual Energy originate from Consciousness – Supreme God, who creates all in reality and affects all aspects of life. There are no exceptions.

Both Cosmic and Spiritual Consciousness is Geometric in Nature. Therefore, if consciousness forms all in reality then all, in reality, has an under-girding geometric framework to it.

Cosmic Geometry determines the shapes of the Cosmos, universal dynamics of energy and matter manifesting in physical form and flow.
The roots of it are in the study of nature, in art and ancient architecture, in human bodies.

The form of the Human Structure is Geometrical. Human Energy Centers are Geometrical too. Every part of our Energy and Physical bodies is Geometrical.

The Geometrical Models and Word of God (which can be turned into a geometrical model, itself, through a special numeric system), inside the Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators, allow your body to connect to the constant presence of adequate magnetic energy, which activates your self-healing process. This happens because energy boosts the formation and division of cells. Cell division is a process responsible for keeping the body healthy and rejuvenated. Every cell has a positive and negative field in the DNA.

Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators allow your Energy Structure to activate the positive field in your DNA cell, on a physical level, and to activate the rotation of your counter-rotating fields of light or spirals of energy (just like a strand of DNA). These spirals transport the spirit or consciousness from one dimension to another and connect you with the Divine Light of God.

The Geometrical Models and Word of God (which can be turned into a geometrical model, itself, through a special numeric system), inside Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators, allow your body to connect to the Right parts of Torsion Energy Fields, which are carrier waves for Consciousness. Our brain, too, is a vacuum-based “torsion- field transceiver.”

It is proven that the Right parts of the Torsion Energy Fields  can harmonize and heal your Energy Structure, while the Left parts of the Torsion Energy Fields cause pathological changes and make you sick.

The Torsion Energy Field of God can merge with ours and exist, within us, only if we have a pure heart and clean thoughts. Through them, we create very powerful Torsion Energy Fields and if our thoughts are negative, accordingly, we create Left Torsion Energy Fields. If our thoughts are positive we create Right Torsion Energy Fields.

Praying and Meditating with your Soul Energy Noosphere Regulators will allow your Consciousness to exit any state of fear or hopelessness during a health crisis. Your mind will expand into a realm, where you will feel absolute peace, content and a sense of the vast, powerful, and eternal nature of your soul, as the Lord will be with you! Strong waves of Divine Light energy will rush through your body and will reconnect you with your source of energy – God’s Supreme Consciousness. You will capture a glimpse of the memory of your true nature – the memory that you are eternal, that all is well in the universe, and that you entered this physical world to explore, to develop, to create, to love and to be helpful to others.

Our creative power is the main purpose of being human. When we direct this power toward overcoming personal challenges and toward being helpful to each other, we assist the creative evolution of the universe.

God is the only Healer of Your Soul! And а healthy, saved Soul is able to defeat the passions within you, which are the main reasons for the suffering of your physical body.

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